Sample Coursework Paper on Landscape

The landscape represents the arrangements of features such as mountains, ridges, rivers and valleys on the surface of the earth. It presents natural beauty due to the combination of these features in a mystical manner. Ansel Adams developed interest in nature and its mysterious look at a very tender age of four years. After setting out on a journey to Yosemite from San Francisco, Adams had a lot to tell and explore as a teenager. It was the first time to visit Yosemite a place that had so many sceneries.  Adam was given Kodak no.1 camera by his father after they arrived. He was not familiar with the working of the simple apparatus. His father took him through the operation of the camera.

Having known how to operate the machine, Adam went out to take photographs of the beautiful sceneries he came across as they boarded the bus on their way to their final destination. The photographs helped Adam preserve and communicate his experience at the new place. However, these photos could not fully describe the feeling and enthusiasm that he felt when climbing High Mountain and going across the ridges such as mount Clark and Yosemite Valley respectively. His connection to the wilderness or what is referred to as the geographical landscape grew day by day as he and some of the members from the sierra club went on hiking and climbing the mountains. Adam left school while very young hence had a lot of time to spend out in the wilderness searching for happiness and comfort. Being supported by his father, the young man was in a position to lead a happy life despite coming from a poor family.