Sample Argumentative Essay on Discussion on Salaries

The main aim of this paper is to give a detailed description of how some people earn
extremely high salaries and the effect of the same on their country of residence. To add on,
the paper tries to provide an explicit argumentation about why the government is so against
the high salaried few individuals. This paper as well tries to sum up the discussions from both
sides and provide an ultimate stand.
To begin with, it is a fact that there are few persons who gain extremely high salaries
in most countries. It is considered a good idea by most individuals because of various, maybe
selfish aspects. For instance, people consider earning a large amount of income a good idea
for their country particularly because; they believe that people who are highly skilled and
talented ought to be salaried in accordance with their high skills. To add on the same, people
who earn extremely high salaries are few in a country. Some people trust that those
individuals deserve to be paid large salaries so that they can act as motivation to the low
earning. Thereby making people believe that such is beneficial to a country.
The mindset of some people is set around the fact that people reaping high salaries is
an indication that their country is wealthy as (M. Akiba, 2012) confirms. The other bare fact
in the mindset of some people also argue that the fact that some people earn higher salaries
than others act as gratitude for their experience in their field of knowledge. To finish with,
most people think that high salaries is good for a country in that it acts as a prevention of
brain-drain. For that matter, people will not have to leave their country in search of higher
On the other hand, the government does not allow the salaries of the few particular
individuals to exceed a certain set level because of various significant facts. For one, it is the
optimum mandate of a country to make sure that wealth is evenly distributed throughout the
country. This is beneficial in that it acts as a contribution to a country to grow equally as

highlighted by (G. Gilder, 2012). It is also the role of the government to ensure that certain
individuals who gain higher salaries don’t gain unfair control over certain aspects of society.
Lastly, a country aimed at limiting high salaries will benefit the country in that it will
mean that more funds are available for public services. This will act as a benefit to the whole
society in general. Likewise, without justification, it will be intimidating for some individuals
to earn a low salary while others receive a higher salary (C. L.-N. Francesca, 2011.).
In a nutshell, the mindset of many individuals in a country is centred around what
appears good for the eye which is quite short-lived. It is crucial to however look at the impact
that higher salaries have on the development of a country. In some cases, it is good for people
to gain salaries that go march their expertise. This will motivate others to work harder. On the
other hand, the government should control the amount its citizens earn so as to curb various
threats. Such threats as some people gaining unfair control over others. The other importance
is that the development will be evenly and equally distributed throughout a country.
Therefore, the government ought to control the amount of salaries its citizens get.

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