Sample Research Paper on New Topic: Architecture and Practical Design Computation

Soaring demand for comprehensive techniques is increasing in a bid to sustain today’s modern society (Menges 14). The demand must adhere to the safety and performance essentials while maintaining the least amount of cost and application of the materials. This study aims at understanding architectural computations in relation to practical design computation. The study seeks to come up with innovative design procedures for structural performance obligations. Questions to be answered include whether there are new and innovative structural designs approaches in computational engineering.

In order to increase competition for the architectural work, designers are called to come up with more interesting and manageable workflows for computation in architecture. This is a prevailing challenge both technically and intellectually (Menges, 209). There is need to incorporate machine into human activities as a tool to overcome the prevailing challenge (Onur, 9). For this development to take place, it is necessary to apply improved support through artificial design intelligence. Presently, there is a limitation of artificial intelligence for design computation. Drafts for design computation are also limited (Burry, 211).

The focal approach is the design proxy method, which will be applied in the draft production of design assistants. This integrated method is a result of both theoretical evaluation and experimentation. The approach emphasizes employment of flexible task definitions, intuitive interfaces for design media and examination for the proposals. This design approach is highly significant for the innovative designers in the creation of practical design. Applications necessary for this design includes design­_proxy.layout and The former application is an architectural design. It is based on the design_proxy method. It will also incorporate a pliable layout mental representation for overlapping of the units and boundaries. This design will assist in overcoming the necessities of architectural and design computation.


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