Sample Essay on Sustainable Urbanism

I consider sustainable Urbanism as a recent term that is used in urban design and planning. A sustainable urban area is composed of high performance buildings and infrastructure; it is compact and provides human access to nature. The popular definition of this element is a grand unification of architecture, city planning and environmental design to enhance people’s lives.

Fig 1: sample of a sustainable urban center courtesy of

Sustainability is made up of three factors, namely; environmental, social, and economic. Urban forms that are environmentally sustainable are ones that enable and facilitate the inhabitants to engage in a more environmentally sustainable lifestyle (Hatuka & Hooghe, 2007). One major impact that the layout of a place can have, for example, is on the ability of its inhabitants and visitors to walk to all the places they need rather than being forced to use a car.  In the context of Urbanism, social sustainability is a place that empowers individuals to accomplish their maximum capacity, physical structures and layouts do not impede or divert from this. Economic sustainability promotes the evolution of a socially as well as environmental sustainability scheme (Hatuka & Hooghe, 2007).

Sustainable Urbanism is important because it provides skills to conceptualize a sustainable city as well as to design one. Through Sustainable Urbanism, one can develop the aptitude for implementing creative thinking and advocacy (Sternberg, 2000). Today, many professionals are being requested to make sustainable environments. In regards to the conceptual and the technical considerations, this can be difficult since it needs skills and expertise, which are in short supply. Therefore, the knowledge of sustainable Urbanism can play a key role in bringing the important urban sustainability facets together (Farr, 2008).


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