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Sample Essay on Experiencing Architecture

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Sample Essay on Experiencing Architecture

 Architecture is the work of designing, structuring and constructing buildings. A step by step engineering process is instituted before a project commences. Duplication of activities is eliminated through this process. Therefore, space has to be there before construction starts .The space is part of the environment or the world in which the building exists. Through senses, the body detects changes as well as experiences the surrounding. Thus, perception in human beings emanate from the inner feelings. As the body comes into contact with the environment, feelings and perception change.  Thereafter, human mind processes ideas and perception held by the public. Furthermore, clients may give ideas about the architectural design and features that they find pleasing. An Architectural engineer will work on these ideas in order to develop actual design. Senses influence body reaction towards the surrounding environment. This essay discusses diverse ways through which architecture should be experienced in terms of the relationship of the body, it senses, and the mind. 

The Body

Experiencing architecture can be derived from analyzing the surrounding. This denotes that a researcher examines the internal as well as the external factors. Therefore, the meaning of structural designs will be outlined.  Some of these components includes perspective, privatization, history, converge, instrumentality, tactility, sensuality, boundary, ritual and landscape. There is a lot to things to learn about architecture in relation to the body and its components hitherto. Each of these components is defined and discussed in details below


Perspective is closely related to the mind and the way a person witness occasions/things. The mind is subject to interpreting diverse ideas and occasion differently. An impression gets into the minds at the sight of an appealing structure. The painting on the edifice also presents another dimension of thinking and interpretation of the kind of work that have taken place. The size also matters a lot, at this point because it symbolizes the horizontal or vertical displacement of space available. Large buildings are perceived to be stable and luxurious as they displace large space (Alangoya 128).


Privatization comes into play through subdivision of a house. Recently, engineers decided to eliminate sidewalks applied in the past inside the buildings. Thus, an apartment can be subdivided into sections that facilitate efficiency and proper use of space. Utility is achieved through optimal utilization of sub-sections. In the past, building or architectural work would leave a lot of space unattended. As time goes, the ideology of spacious apartment has been criticized hence giving rise to. It reduced space utility as well as commercialization of such resources. Renting of houses is based on the size and space. Thus, a unit area determines the rental amount. In addition, other features such as decoration and stairs are customized to meet the specific needs of the clients or consumers. Thus, the experience of architecture in regards to body feelings and senses is characterized by comfort and efficiency (Alangoya 128).


Ideologies revolution and integrated technology have redefined architectural engineering. Working of different parts for the good of the entire system or body enhances the optimal use of the construction designs as well as technology.  Design in the edifice industry comes in form of horizontal coverage, material used and vertical space utilization. Technology in use today allows customization of houses according to the requirements and demands by the user. Thus, many changes have taken place in such a way that the construction sector has been rendered dynamic. However, the material used should not compromise on the quality, standards and stability of the house as dictated in the structural engineering. It is because the security of occupants supersedes structural designs and appearances of architectural work (Alangoya 128).


 The word tactility is applied in numerous occasions. For purposes of this study, tactility is regarded as an environmental relationship. There are many things that affect a structure erected in an open field.  They include weather change, strong wind, runaway waters and storm. First, a structure is a complex composition of metals, gravel, and bricks. Where the structure stands, the soil under is rendered unproductive having lost fertility. The body (world) hosts weather elements. Some trees may be cut to pave way for the construction. Trees help reduce the strength of wind.  Damages caused by storms and other phenomenon in the world emanate dfrom massive deforestation.

In cases where the outside world is rapidly changing, the structure is deemed to depreciate at a high rate. At the same time, the internal and external surroundings compete for the limited space. Conflict arises between the two scenarios. Maintaining a balance between these apparatus aids establish a leveled playing field. Engineers are able to change only the internal systems and workings of the structures to meet the set goals. However, material determines the durability of a formation. If low quality building materials construct a residential apartment then the construction is weak and will not last long while the vice versa is true (Marble 130).


Setting of boundaries comes into place after clearing an area ready for settlement initiatives. This insinuates that an initiative will take up space on the ground that was previously occupied or unoccupied. Settlement is limited through boundaries creation. Concurrently, expansion may take place at the same time the building is being constructed.  Expansion is not welcomed in places where land is limited. Physically, the boundaries are invisible. In the imaginary world, it exists between nature and structures that displaces natural resources such as earth soil and streams. Nature represents life while structures stand for the non living things.  To understand the effects of non living things on the natural geographic; an individual need to observe climatic change. Human activities on land accelerate changes which may have negative effect on weather.  Human life is endangered due to overstretching of resources. Food and water comes from natural resources.  It implies that people should take care of the environment through raising awareness (Rasmussen 120).


Visual presentation defines Sensuality. When the body comes across extreme weather conditions, it adjusts through sensing. Thus, visual aspects on a structure instigate particular feelings on the side of viewer. For example, if a driver is hired by a patient to take him/.her to the hospital. He/she will look at the plus sign on buildings to access medical services. The images and pictures drawn on the wall are accustomed to the religion hence represents Muslim way of life. In addition, the interior outlook portrays the values of this designated religion. This means that sensuality is a strong feeling about an issue or something.

At this point, the body weight, occupants hosted and weaknesses are addressed.  A number of set down rules and standards need to be followed in construction. Failure to observe these laws result to the violation of building standards. Thus, an offense that is punishable by law. The weight of a building is a product of the Horizontal and vertical components. Due to the pressure applied on land for construction needs, engineers have improvised new ways of constructing buildings (Accossato, Daguerre, and Framton 68).


In conclusion, the work of an architectural engineer involves a lot of activities and duties to be carried out concurrently. These duties differ from one person to the other depending on the area of specialization. Engineers specializing in interiors design ensure that the structure looks very attractive. Structural appearances and pole strength depicts its stability. This stability is critical for residential purposes. Moreover, technology has influenced the designing of structures. Materials used are cost effective. Therefore, innovative services delivery has improved the means and mode of constructions. Saving the materials applied in the assembly is essential for the development and execution of projects.

 Roofing is aligned to the design to facilitate the flow of rainwater.  In some cases, shortages of building materials forces people to invent new ways of carrying out the construction business. Thus, the roofing materials are sourced out from different places. They also differ in terms of texture, size and durability issues.  Recyclable materials also find their way into this industry. Thus, the cost of assembling a structure is reduced by a great margin. Previously, laws and regulations controlling the construction industry emphasized on usage of certain products. This discouraged innovation thus rendered the industry hard to penetrate. However, this has changed over time.



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Sample Essay on Experiencing Architecture

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Sample Essay on Experiencing Architecture

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