Sample Paper on Job Application

I am writing to apply for the above listed job as advertised on the website that is currently available. I am skilled with marketing techniques that will enable me to handle the specified duties as per the job description. I also possess a bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Kent State University.

At the university, I studied marketing concepts that in my view will provide guidance in discharging my mandate. The good communication skills, marketing techniques such as advertising and the demand and supply concepts will act as reference points through out my practice which will turn out to be a success not only on my part but also for Dallas Cowboys as a whole. I am quite certain that the experience I had as a marketing intern at Kent State University will also be an added advantage since I will not start from scratch.

During my internship at Kent State University’s marketing department, I applied engaged the theoretical skills I had acquired in class through practice. Some of the duties and responsibilities I involved myself in were; supporting the sales team in reaching the customers, interacting with customers for feedback and answering questions, engaging the customers through creative and excellent verbal techniques.  The staff at Kent also gave me the opportunity to represent the company in official function which gave me the confidence to approach any future challenges that I will encounter in my line of duty.

I will be at your convenience for further engagements in relation to my career. For any further communication kindly call [Phone No] or email at [Email Address]. Your kind consideration and feedback will be highly appreciated.

Thanks in Advance

Yours Faithfully,

[Signature] [Name]