Sample Essay on Why Navy

Why Navy

Serving as U.S. Navy is one of the most sorts out employment opportunities in the United States of America. The fact that I would be able to serve my beloved country is already an honor.  Besides serving my country, the Navy also attracts respect from the society as well as displaying attributes such as courage and commitment. The fact that I would be in a position of working with real professionals would be an icing on the cake. Moreover, I would be able to satisfy my quench of fulfilling my dream of serving as a military officer. In addition, being an ambitious person, I would be able to progress through hierarchies to the best of my ability. This is because United State Navy offers equal chances for progression to committed and hardworking officers. Therefore, this profession would offer a perfect environment for achieving my dream of reaching the highest possible professional rank.

My experience serving as an Army officer for four years has helped me to realize that the Navy has a greater level of technical performance as compared to the army. I am an individual who always strives for nothing but the best. However, I do not wish to downplay the experiences that I acquired when serving as a United States Army. This is because I believe that such experiences, when combined with the training that I would undertake while at Navy would make me a better officer as far as service delivery for my beloved nation, is concerned.

Reflecting back, it is to my understanding that joining Navy would be one of the best decisions that I will ever make. As for now, I have realized that joining Navy would provide me with the opportunity of realizing my ever-burning desire of conserving the environment. Moreover, joining the Navy will also enhance my sound judgment as far as decision-making is concerned. Furthermore, joining the United States Navy will also enable me the luxury being a potential legend for my country.  It is worth noting that securing my country from the ever-menacing threats of terrorist attacks has been my primary dream. Witnessing American citizens dying from such external aggression has always left a black hole in my heart. Therefore, taking part in securing our country would be a dream come true.

I also have the strong believe that I possess the basic qualities of making it to the United States Navy. First and for most, I am an individual with sound health who can withstand harsh climatic condition. Navy being one of the military organs needs healthy individuals who are in a position of withstanding harsh conditions that can present themselves in the line of duty. Secondly, I am an individual of character. I live by a strict warrior ethos bound by excellences like honor, valor, responsibility, steadfastness, and trustworthiness. These attributes have formed DNA of my character. A United States Navy must be an individual with the desirable characters that can uphold not only the good name of the institution but also its integrity in totality.

My third quality that can make me a good candidate for the Navy is trustworthiness. Trust is the imperceptible string that ties everything together in an institution as well as those that work in that institution. Therefore, a good navy must possess the virtue of trust as one of the driving forces as far as service delivery to the nation is concerned. At an early age, administration individuals are set in circumstances of incredible obligation regarding America’s missions, gear, and frequently each other’s lives. Trust is basic to mission achievement. It is similar to oxygen; everybody sees when it is not there. Therefore, trust is one of the fundamental attributes that I will be bringing to the United States Navy.

The fourth attribute is the fact that I am very responsible. A navy officer must have an attribute of being very responsible as a means of shouldering power and achieving success in all the missions that they are tasked with. I am always taking pride in my individual responsibility, a quality that has significantly assisted me in achieving most of my undertakings. As a Navy officer, I believe that being a responsible individual will not only assist in service delivery but also foster much-needed hierarchical advancements.

The fifth attribute is the fact that I have always exuded a high degree of confidence. A navy officer must be the person who is not afraid of confronting the enemy. This is because, as a protector of the nation against the external attack, the Navy officer must be in a position of being in the front line during the war. Moreover, I have never been afraid of making important decisions. This can even translate to the line of duty because a Navy must be able to make key decisions regardless of the situation so long as the national security is not jeopardized. Being a very courageous individual, I would be in a perfect condition in making a key and radical decision as a way of securing my beloved America.