Sample Creative Writing Paper on Application for a Green Card

Following the rules and regulations of this country and the need to adhere and respect the laid down procedure pertaining settlement of aliens in this country, I hereby wish to submit my humble request for a green card for my son (Alexandar F. Oberkirsch).My son came to this country when he was 15 years old and enrolled in high school where he graduated in the year 2009.Since the law requires that for one to settle in the USA after 18 years of age, they should be holders of a green card, Married to a USA citizen ,be in the military or attain citizenship through parents, my son could not meet either of this. Since he could not adjust status due to the fact that he had aged out, he had to live the country in January 2013. Following the lengthy process of green card application and processing that involves immigrant petition, immigrant visa availability and adjudication, we could not attain the green card on time.

My husband and I came to this country in 2001.Due to God’s grace we managed to secure our permanent settlement and also a job to sustain us. Our dream was always to have our family with us. Ever since our family separated, as a mother, I have gone through traumatizing moments staying away from my son.

For the immigrant petition, I have attached two Texas I-140ies for employment-based immigration, however for family based immigration, I wish to request you to allow me, if possible to use I-130 application on an already established priority date which is December 2008.This will enable me have my family with me and also enable my son to pursue his dreams.

Yours sincerely,

Svijetlana Oberkirsch.