Sample Admission Essay on Applicant for Accounting Program at Illinois College

My motivation to join Illinois comes from my long-borne desire to be a professional Certified Public Accountant, an interest that informed my current studies at IVC and Saddleback Colleges. As a hardworking and committed student, I have learned to associate good life and successful career with academic excellence resulting from proper training. Hence my desire to apply to Illinois College to pursue my dream of being an Accountant.

A profession in Accounting would however, require rigorous and specialized training in an institution that incorporates both theoretical as well as practical aspects in its curriculum. I believe that atIllinois I will be able to expand my theoretical and conceptual understanding of Accounting beyond the basic levels. By building on mytraining at IVC and Saddleback College, I will be able to enhance my research skills in Accounting through courses like Principles of Accounting, Accounting Information System,Auditing, Financial and Tax Accounting offered at Illinois College. Through this, I will be able to bridge the theoretical gap between my career vision and career requirements as an aspiring Certified Public Accountant.

My career vision perfectly blends with Illinois College’s practical and theory-oriented curriculum. Practical and experiential support through student Career Center atIllinois College will greatly enhance my career resilience and adaptability to the demands of a career in Accounting. Likewise, the facilitation of interaction between students and various Accountingfirms by Illinois College’s Accounting Club and Student’s Investment Club will introduce me to the practical aspects of Accounting that will enhance my understanding of practical Accountingin real work environments. The Illinois College department of Accounting’s pool of top Accounting scholars, coupled with rigorous training will greatly enhance my worldview on Accounting practice as a step towards being a cutting-edge professional Accountant. I believeIllinois College is the ideal institution that, while preparing to launch me towards career excellence, would also contribute towards initiating a positive change in the society.