Sample Paper on Rice Bowl China

The rice bowl experience portrays the formation of culture of urban mass and change in the male-dominated politics, and other societal vents that came with transition from the socialist China to a capitalist China. During the socialism days, the business organizations in China were owned by the state and jobs, services, and goods were highly secured. The jobs had very low wages, though employment in the state owned firms attracted a life time job security. The Socialism principle in China ensured that the workers’ needs on housing, medical attention, schooling, and meals both for themselves and their families were catered for freely by the government.

The state firms as implicated in the “iron rice bowl” had made the workers dependent on the political elite as the only body that was in a position to hire, educate, and control the workers. These state owned firms did not give any profit to the government and they therefore collapsed, causing a shift from communism to capitalism.

Capitalism has differently impacted Chinese society by rendering some people jobless with others venturing into market economy. This has led to a new trend like bureaucratization, which might cause inequality between the citizens. The period is characterized by an increased rate of unemployment and a shift of dependence from organizational reliance to self-reliance. The young men and women are today in the commercial and social arenas. Ladies are working in offices as public relations personnel and others are in the modeling industry.

Changes have been experienced in the consumption habits of the people, and spaces in the urban centers have been created with China indulging in a global lifestyle in businesses and consumption. Expensive and luxurious recreational facilities have emerged. These include bars, nightclubs, restaurants, and gyms.

The article highly centres on the theme of youth feminism and a perception that it is breaking social balance with the rice bowl perception affecting it. This goes to the extent of some of the jobs like the flight attendant jobs being associated with the young ladies.