Sample Essay Paper on Anatomy of a Superstition: When Your Eye “Jumps”

This essay will provide a review of the article “Anatomy of a Superstition: When Your Eye “Jumps” by Krystal D’Costa. Firstly, this article is a secondary source because Krystal did not carry out research to provide a deeper insight about the superstitions on when the eye jumps. The author has provided what he heard that other people believe. Additionally the author has supported his arguments by citing evidence from other sources. For instance, he quoted Matthews 1945 and Roberts 1927 who argued that superstitions are just primitive beliefs of simple individuals (D’Costa, 2011). He further compared his arguments with other researchers work for instance;he argued that the aspect of eye jumping is harmless and compared it with the work of Kowal et. al. 1998: 123 (D’Costa, 2011).

The source of this article is not reputable because in carrying out research, we cannot rely on the work of a blog. This is evident in this article because it is a blog. There are a number of strengths associated with this article. For instance, the author has provided evidence on the beliefs of the Trinidadians on eye jumping. For example, he argued that when one’s right eye jumps, one expects good news, and when the left eye jumps, one expects bad news. He further argued that when a right and left eye jumps, one is speaking well and bad about you respectively (D’Costa, 2011). On the other hand, one of the weaknesses of this article is that Krystal research failed to provide evidence on truth about all these arguments. This is because his article focused on beliefs of a particular group of people.

Lastly, Krystal’s arguments matched what was entailed in the paper because the Trinidadians believe these arguments so much.



D’Costa, k. (2011). Anthropology in Practice. Anatomy of a Superstition: When your Eye Jumps.