Sample Essay on Vine Deloria

Vine Deloria argues that a good philosophical groundwork with life in the contemporary society plays a role in shaping a person’s thinking. There is no later confusion in life as to the meaning of life or what an individual is supposed to be doing in their life. This essay analyzes the arguments of Vine Deloria on several pertinent issues, for instance, the basics of life and creators design.

The basic life

Vine Delora opines that the basic things that children are taught when they are young forms a basic foundation of their philosophical lives. The thinking of people is greatly shaped by their childhood influences and experiences. Some basic philosophies are taught to young children to lay a foundation for their life. This basic principles help to guide them in their life and make them to fit in the contemporary society.

By the creators design

The creator has made everything based on the wisdom of his design. Everything that is found in the universe was made by the creator through his wisdom without external influences. All those creatures that were designed and made by the creator have their specific roles to play in the continuity of the universe. The creator expects his creatures to play their specific role on the universe. The creator ensured that there are no conflicting roles that can lead to the destruction of the universe. If each creature plays its specific role then the universe will be a better place and have a conducive environment for the existence of all things that are made by the creator. Those who go against the wisdom of the creator will suffer in their lives. Every creature in the universe is expected to adhere to the wisdom of the creator so as to live good lives. Those people that do not meet what is expected out of them are likely to live lives that they don’t like because they will suffer and their lives will be filled by miseries. He asked the older siblings always to look after those siblings who are weak. He commanded the strong creatures to ensure that the weaker creatures are clothed, fed and live in a way in which they are supposed to live. So for wisdom the human beings should always look up to their older siblings who were created first. This are other animals who were created before the creation of human beings, for instance, those who have four legs and other characteristics that are different form human beings.

All my relations

The creator made people to live together as brothers and sisters on the mother earth. He created human beings in his own image and likeness and gave them the powers to rule over the other creatures. Human were made last and they have always been seen as the weakest of his children and thus they are special. Human beings are the most pitiful of the children of the creator as a result of their characteristics and features.

Your mother

The earth is our mother and provides us with everything that we need just as a good mother will do to her little children. When we die and we are buried our mother, the earth, cradles us forever. When you live and eat what your mother has provided for you, you thank her and dance for what she has done for you just as little children will do to their mother when they are satisfied. As a human being, you must also give offerings and thank the mother for her food and everything that she has provided for you.


The early Indians did not have any idea on real estate and how the land could be artificially used for great benefits. They took the land us their own mother and wondered how anybody could sell their own mother to the highest bidder like the whites did it. They struggled with this even through the 1840s when gold and uranium was scrambled for in their own land. They believed that digging into the mother was punishable because it was forbidden by the creator.

In addition, Vine Deloria opines that the current western civilization does not play its conventional role of linking knowledge with authority. The current civilization that is widespread in the western society’s links knowledge with power. The civilization that is common in the contemporary western society makes knowledge and power to be equal. Without knowledge, people are doomed to a meaningless life and that of poverty. In the modern industrial society, there is no evidence which shows that information is useless. The progress that is being witnessed in the contemporary society is a total replacement of nature by artificial intelligence which has become widespread. The real world is being destroyed by the use of artificial intelligence to execute even the simplest of tasks. The progress that has been realized through artificial intelligence has created a luxurious life for few people who are lucky and have access to opportunities. The differences between the use of land by the Indians and the whites are going to become crystal clear in the near future. It is evident that the Indians lived with their land whereas the whites have destroyed their land in disguise of progression and industrialization.