Sample Essay on the Evolution Theory

Is evolution a theory universally accepted because it can be proved by logically coherent evidence to be true or because the alternatives are incredible and unacceptable to many people?

The theory was explained by Watson where he pointed out that the existence of evolution was based on what people think they know since we have no physical evidence to prove the real occurrence of evolution. However, the scientists and zoologists have been able to give supporting evidence to back the theory of evolution which has significantly made people to accept the theory. The presence of other theories like the theory that states that the evolution was a process that involved the fossils forming parts over a longer period of time was considered unreliable and could not be accepted by many people.

  1. Is the foundation of evolution science or instead the rejection of the supernatural?

The foundation of evolution may not be considered a science because of the objection by the neo-creationists that that evolution does not conform to the common scientific principles. Instead they believe on the existence of a supernatural like God to have done the creation(West, Stuart, 599).

  1. Is evolution simply the best explanation of human origin anyone has been able to come up with?

Evolution may not be the best theory to explain the origin of human being because it is based on the scientific research, but it can give a better understanding of how they may have come to existence. Different theories such as creation also explain the origin of human being where the human origin was assumed to be as a result of supernatural being that might have created human being (West, Stuart, 599).

  1. Is evolution a field in science where one decides on the answer first, and then looks for the evidence to support that predetermined answer?

The process of evolution was based on what the researchers believed might have brought about the existence of different creatures. It therefore means that they were researching on what they already have in mind hence it can be said to be a field where one only works to supports an existing answer.


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