Sample Essay on Chimpanzees and Bush Meat Trade

Bush meat trade involves the killing of wildlife for their meat. This meat is then sold for commercial purposes to enrich the sellers. The animals that are usually killed are mostly those that are now considered endangered species. Such animals that are usually hunted for their meat include elephants, the hippopotamus, and the chimpanzees.

Many factors have contributed to the increase of the chimpanzee bush meat trading. Some of these factors include the fact that most chimpanzees live in places where logging companies work. This means that the loggers destroy the natural habitat of the chimpanzees making them homeless. This also exposes the chimpanzees to hunters who then kill them for their meat.

The second factor is that chimpanzee meat is considered a delicacy not only among the laborers but also in the region. Many families like the taste of chimpanzee meat and this in turn leads to the killing of more chimpanzees for meat.

Lastly, the eating of chimpanzee meat is considered a sign of wealth and affluence among people in society due to the fact that it is only the rich who can afford to buy the meat. This creates a situation whereby more people want to buy the meat in order for them to be seen as wealthy and affluent.

One of the possible solutions to this ever-rising problem is to increase the intensity of anti-poaching campaigns. The society should be educated on the health risks associated with the consumption of chimpanzee meat, as diseases can freely travel from the chimpanzee to humans. People should also be constantly made to understand that it is illegal to kill chimpanzees for their meat.