Sample Dissertation Chapter Paper on Making English the official language in US

Many people in the US are not cognizant of the fact that America still does not have an official language since it is widely spoken across almost all sectors. Different countries have varied reasons for making certain languages official. For example, Canada’s constitution recognizes two official languages which are French and English mainly for the purposes of creating neutral grounds. In the US, making English an official language has had various challenges as anti-English groups have termed this move as undemocratic (U.S. Constitution online 1). Furthermore, others have considered it a way of killing diversity. Considering the number of English speakers and issues such as cost, the English language should be made official in the US.

Making English official nationally would greatly save on cost expenses. In this regard, the government would be able to save on expenses related to publication, printing, and translation. Firstly, the US government would be able to spend little when publishing documents since only one language would be used for this service. This means that the fifty states would receive publication in the English language only. Secondly, translation costs would also be greatly trimmed. This mainly relates to court procedures that would only be conducted using the official language which is English. Thirdly, printing costs would also be significantly reduced if only one language is used for this service. In this regard, only English would be used when printing government documents, newspapers, magazines, journals, and handouts among others.

Based on the above reasons, making English official in the US would have signed an effect in the economy from a larger perspective. Apart from cost savings, making English official would represent a national identity in America.

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