Sample Essay on Effects of Social Media in the Agricultural Industry

Social media links people from the comfort of their homes and to other parts of the world where users express their opinion and share ideas. However, like any other technological advancement, social media may turn out to be very harmful more especially when dealing with controversial issues in any given industry. In agriculture, social media has been widely used in raising various controversial issues such as the use of genetically modified organisms in producing food. This paper explores the effects of social media on the agricultural industry.

The social media platform has positively influenced the agricultural industry in recent days. It provides the key stakeholders in the sector with networking services that reduce isolation among them, enables the involved parties to meet and carry out business, and provides useful knowledge and ideas that promote the industry. In recent days, most agricultural producers market their products through social media. There are many adverts on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube among other platforms describing various types of agricultural produce. The sellers have easy access to consumers thereby promoting the expansion of the industry.

The way people use social media in society also has a great influence on the agricultural sector. It has been a trend that any controversial issue in the agricultural industry is widely discussed in media platforms. To some extent, the social media is useful as it provides a basis for researchers to carry out deep research on such issues. Besides the social media will influence the authorities in a given department to act in response to any emerging issue in their respective departments (“Social Media: Destroyer or Creator? – The New York Times”).

Despite being perceived as forceful, social media has drawbacks in the agricultural industry. Most individuals are not well informed on how to deal with rumors. For instance, there have been allegations that genetically modified products are not safe for people’s health. The issue quickly spread all over the world without sufficient facts questioning its unsuitability. Whether GMOs are safe or not, Social media has already created a bad notion in minds of many individuals. On other occasions, some organizations use social media as a competition tool to bring their competitors down. There have been allegations that some firms in the agricultural sector celebrities post negative facts about the products of their competitors. In such circumstances, most people tend to believe such statements thereby changing their preferences.

However, in recent days, most individuals tend to misuse social media for their own interests hindering the progress and expansion of the agricultural industry. For instance, some individuals could raise very significant issues concerning the safety of society. However, due to a lack of direction among most social media users, the problem is not solved as people take two stands and start insulting each other. The entire issue is politicized thereby making it hard for a solution to be attained.

Therefore, social media is a critical element as far as the development of the agricultural sector is concerned. However, individuals need to use this platform in the right way for development to be attained; otherwise, it is associated with negativities. It has hindered the initiation of several changes in the industry. As firms and other involved stakeholders use this platform, they should be prepared to face any issue that is likely to arise.

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