Sample Dissertation Chapter Paper on Research Proposal- Celtic Culture


This project proposal will aim at studying Celtic culture within Cape Breton Island. A significant proportion of individuals whose roots can be traced to western, central and north-western Europe have some connection with the Celtic culture. Celtic culture is regarded as one of the oldest cultures in Europe. This study will look at the unique aspects of Celtic culture and lessons that people can learn as they interact with it. Cultural studies are very important because it enables people to appreciate cultural differences. The main goal of this study would be illuminate key aspects of Celtic culture to the rest of the world.

Literature Review

During the Iron Age, Celts lived in almost all corners of Europe (Davis et al., 24). They were the early occupants of Europe before the reign of Julius Caesar. Their existence was first observed in the 7th and 8th century and was referred to as the Galli by Romans and Kleton by the Greeks (Crumley). Several studies have been done on Celtic culture including the centrality of various sports including culture and football has defined the culture (Jarvie 20).

Data Collection and Design

Several methods would be employed in data collection, key among them include interviews and literature review. The interviews will target officials from the sport, cultural and heritage ministries in Cape Breton Island and older generations. This is because they are well versed on the cultural practices in the area. The interviews will be collaborated by the literature reviews of relevant published work on the Celtic culture.

Research timeline

Activities Timeline
Research proposal writing, presentation and approval 2 weeks
Seeking permission from relevant authorities 1 week
Literature review 2 weeks
Data collection and literature review 3 weeks
Data analysis 1 week
Report writing 1 week
Research presentation 1 day
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