Sample Essay on ACC 427: Investigation with Computers

The trends in information security indicate that companies are facing various threats, with cyber threats becoming an issue to many companies. Companies therefore are seeking ways to mitigate unknown intrusions into their systems, with various internal and external components contributing in one way or the other. Cyber threats, a security issue mainly propagated by hackers continues to take advantage of internal and external vulnerabilities that expose information systems to potential hacks.

The anonymous group, a well-known hacker group has taken part in many hacking activities, which have captured the world’s attention, with the recent culprit being the Amazon, an online retail company (“Hackers Release 13,000 Passwords, Credit Card Information from Amazon, PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, and More,” 2014 ). In this case, the hackers initiated a computer crime, and stole sensitive data belonging to customers, which consisted of credit card information (“Hacker Group Anonymous Claims Leaking 13,000 Account Passwords of Amazon, Wal-Mart, Dell and More,” 2014). With computer crime involving the use of a computer to commit criminal acts (Stamatellos, 2007), this involved an unlawful entry into Amazon’s information system, which also made the hacking act to be one of the largest in history. The criminal act was externally driven, with the hackers taking advantage of the company’s vulnerabilities in their information systems infrastructure. The main aim of carrying out the act was due to fame.

Hacking is carried out through gathering hidden information on an information system’s potential flaws. It involves gaining access to an information system through illegitimate means, by using an external technique to obtain and steal information.

However, the act is carried out through computers that sit between a hackers point and the target information system. This also calls for an element to facilitate the hacking process, hence the function of technology during the process. This is because systems are interconnected to other streams of devices, and hence for a hacker to gain access to an information system illegally, there must be a connection between the two end-points.

In this form, technology being the infrastructure that consists of computers, information systems and network. The components therefore play a role in establishing a conduit that hackers exploit and use in order to initiate an attack towards the target, to penetrate and harm the intended information system. In the first instance, computers will provide a platform that hackers will use to develop and generate the commands that they will use to penetrate the information system. This as a platform will be used to generate a stream of scripts that can manipulate the behavior of the intended target to gain illegitimate access.

On the other hand, the networks provide another channel as an avenue of attack that a hacker can use to relay the commands towards the intended target. This is because the networks link two separate entities through the internet infrastructure. Apart from this, the public internet also gives much room for hackers to direct their commands towards an identified target.

The hacking industry is becoming dynamic due to advances in technology. Hackers are exploiting vulnerabilities in information systems owned by companies. The anonymous group is such a hacking group that had established a flaw in Amazon’s information system. It is therefore a threat in the cyber world that will continue to affect the operations of companies.               References

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