Sample Coursework Paper on Accounting Information Systems

  • Flowcharting segments for several operations
  1. As a starting point, the transactions based within the magnetic tape will be used in the process of updating a master file stored on magnetic storage tape.
  2. The step by step sequence of transactions that proceed to be stored on magnetic tape compile over time to create and progress a database within a magnetic disk
  1. In order to allow the user to gain access to the documents and files stored within the database an optical character reader is used in converting source documents to magnetic tape using a computer-based.


  1. The next step in the scheme involves processing the OCR documents online. This allows proceeding with the process of updating a database on magnetic disk. The process will entail the following illustration:


e). Reading the virtual information stored in the magnetic disk into the computer gives way to processing of data that can be printed on a report proceeds as follow:

f). A computer or terminal is used to </inst>feed in data from source documents into a file stored on a magnetic disk. The process takes place as shown below:


g). Manually sorting and filing invoices numerically: this is a kind of system that not only provides an interface for data entry, but also aids to keep track of the data entered, flow and manipulation. The flow chart gives an illustration of the steps involved in the virtual sequence of events.

h). Using a terminal to enter source document data and send it to a </inst>remote location where an online processing system records it in a database stored on magnetic disk is the next step in the flow. The data entered is picked up by the processor in such a way that it is refined to be included in the database.

i). The data entered and stored needs to be available and ready for access for use at any given time. This requires a scheduled automatic backup of an internal hard drive to an external hard drive

j). The programmed segment enables the using a terminal to </inst>query customer sales data maintained on a magnetic disk

k). It should also allow the user to enter employee hours recorded on time cards in the payroll transaction file maintained on disk and update wage data maintained on the payroll master file. This information is valuable for the process of computing the compensation amounts in relation to the number of working hours accomplished by the employees as well as other resources.


l). Use a terminal to </inst>access a price list maintained on disk to complete a purchase order. An electronic copy of the purchase order is sent to the vendor and a backup copy is printed and filed by vendor name


m). Update an airline reservation on a Web-based airline reservation system from a home computer will include details that have links to the following example:


  • ) The preceding design can have its application in various scenarios such as the following:
  1. The billing clerk: This is because they will require the name and number, billing address, item numbers and quantity sold and the terms and the price.
  2. The sales order clerk: This is because they will require some of the information contained in the schema for the generation of the sales order. This includes the item number and description, the price and quantity at hand, the customer name, shipping address, credit limit and account balance.
  • The procurement department: The billing information provided is useful to the procurement department for the purpose of decision making. This includes the item number and description, quantity at hand and the cost of the item to be procured.

b). The  tables that can be created from the data include the following

  1. The inventory table: This has the item number as the primary key.
  2. The customer table: This has the customer number as the primary key.

Sales table: This has the invoice number that is used as the primary key