Thesis Statement Worksheet

Thesis Statement Worksheet

There are many benefits of using a thesis statement worksheet while creating a thesis statement. A thesis statement can be defined as a sentence or two which are usually included at the end of an introductory paragraph of an academic paper or essay describing the focus of the paper or essay. A thesis statement plays an important role of giving readers a roadmap to follow while reading the paper or essay.

In the process of writing a paper or essay, a thesis statement enhances the organization of ideas and thoughts in the essay or paper and this helps in keeping you focused on the topic. A worksheet on the other hand is a list of questions with spaces for recording answers. Therefore a worksheet for a thesis statement can be described as a list of activities that you should follow while creating a thesis statement for your paper or essay.

Importance of a thesis statement worksheet

A thesis statement presents the hypothesis or argument that you will be defending in your academic paper or essay. It is an unproved statement that acts as the premise of your project or paper. The purpose of your essay or paper is to present relevant evidence for supporting your thesis statement. As such, without a strong thesis statement you cannot write a good paper or essay because everything in the project should evolve from and surround the stated thesis statement. Therefore, it is important to create a good, strong thesis statement while writing any academic paper or essay.

Using a good worksheet for a thesis statement enables you to craft a thesis statement that is:

  • Specific and arguable
  • Evolving from the research that you have conducted in advance therefore enabling you to present relevant supporting evidence.
  • Focused and clear

Always remember that a thesis statement is one of the most important unifying forces of an essay or paper. It holds different parts of an essay or paper together by presenting your interest on a subject while pointing readers and you towards the development of your essay or paper. Therefore, using a worksheet for a thesis statement is very important because it enables you to craft a robust and effective thesis statement that will act like a strong guide for you and the readers.

Activities to engage in using a thesis statement worksheet

Developing a strong thesis statement entails several activities that should be performed very carefully. These activities are usually included in a worksheet for a thesis statement and they are the major steps that lead to the creation of a robust thesis statement for an academic paper or essay.

They are as follows:

  1. Start by stating the general topic of your paper or essay


Voting Suffrage and Rights for Women

  1. Narrow your topic down


The Role of Alice Paul in the 20th century Suffrage Movement

  1. Develop your thesis statement


Alice Paul took a radical and non-violent approach with her National Women’s party keeping the suffrage movement visible to the public eye and this helped in the passage of the 19th Amendment.

A good worksheet for a thesis statement should discuss these criteria making creating a strong and effective thesis statement for an academic paper or essay possible and easy. Using it, you can create several theses and evaluate them on the basis of their weaknesses and strengths so that you can identify the most appropriate thesis statement to defend in your paper or essay

Use a thesis statement worksheet to build a strong thesis statement

A strong and effective thesis statement should summarize the content of your essay in a concise but complete manner. Your thesis statement should state a topic followed by a claim.

Example 1

Topic: Space exploration

Claim: Can lead to new, exciting technologies, inspire scientific studies and rally patriotism.

Example 2

Topic: Computers

Claim: Are an essential part of the educational communities, business interactions as well as personal lives.

From these examples, it is apparent that using a worksheet to develop a thesis statement is very important because an effective and strong thesis statement will not just happen. It requires a careful and deliberate thought. Therefore, think about the topic of your academic paper or essay and make a clear claim. Make sure that the thesis statement that you draft using the activities of the worksheet of a thesis statement as indicated above mirrors the thoughts and ideas that you present in the body of your paper or essay.

Thesis Statement Worksheet: Revise your thesis statement

Once you have developed your thesis statement, it is important that you revise it to ensure that it reflects the argument that you present in the body of your paper or essay. Usually, a thesis statement will change, grow, adapt, and evolve as you write your paper or essay. Although you can have a thesis statement before you start writing your paper or essay, it is difficult to have a thesis statement that will survive without requiring alteration during the writing process. Therefore, it is okay to come up with a working thesis that you can use to conduct more research but allow your thesis to grow increasingly to become more sophisticated and detailed as you write your paper or essay. However, revise your thesis statement after writing and reading your paper or essay to ensure that it reflects what your paper or essay is all about.


Working thesis statement

The Detroit Lions form a horrible soccer team

Revised thesis statement

Because of their lack of continued coaching, poor choices of draft and several injuries, Detroit Lions have for many years been unable to realize full potential.

Important points to remember while using a thesis statement worksheet

  • Come up with a tentative thesis statement before you start writing your essay or paper using a worksheet to keep your research and writing focused.
  • Limit your thesis statement to three or less sentences.
  • Always remember your thesis statement while conducting research.
  • Revise your working thesis statement accordingly if or when your findings bring out new information or ideas in line with your original questions.
  • If your thesis statement cannot be phrased as a “why” question, make sure that you refine it.
  • Take time to consider what others say about the topic or subject then develop your argument to show how your research findings support their arguments or oppose them.

Bonus tips on how to develop a strong thesis using a thesis statement worksheet

  • Think about the question that you intend to answer through your paper or essay.
  • Conduct preliminary research from secondary sources to gather relevant information on the topic.
  • Reformulate or refine the question on the basis of the preliminary findings and start your research on the primary sources.
  • Focus and narrow your topic by for instance focusing on a specific aspect of a general topic.
  • Conduct further research with a more specific and narrower mental focus and then stay or follow that narrower focus.
  • Formulate your thesis statement and come up with a hypothesis that will answer the “why” question of the topic.

Sample worksheet for a thesis statement

My topic: _________________________________________________

Claim: _________________________________________________

Working thesis statement: ___________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Reasons or evidence that supports my thesis statement: Reasons or evidence for NOT supporting the thesis:

  1. 1.



  1. 2.



  1. 3.



  1. 4.


Revised Thesis Statement: ___________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.


Using such a worksheet while creating a thesis statement for an essay or academic paper will enable you to create a thesis statement that can be supported with evidence from both secondary and primary sources. Additionally, the worksheet enables you to come up with a thesis statement that depicts important traits like clarity and specificity. Note that the worksheet requires you to provide reasons or evidence that supports and reasons or evidence that does not support your thesis. If you realize that you have more reasons or evidence pieces that do not support your thesis statement, consider revising it. Once you have written your thesis statement, revise it carefully and write your final thesis statement in the provided space.

Shape your opinion on the research paper topic using a worksheet

  • Start the process of creating a thesis statement with a commentary on the topic.
  • Make your commentary a strong, specific and interesting opinion.
  • Make your opinion arguable and concise.
  • Write your opinion in a present tense for a thesis statement of a literature research paper and in past tense for a history research paper.
  • Make sure that you have adequate evidence or reasons for supporting your opinion by brainstorming or conducting research.

Thesis Statement Worksheet: References

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