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Sample Research Paper on why do millions of Americans Reject Scientific Data on Global Warming and Evolution?

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Sample Research Paper on why do millions of Americans Reject Scientific Data on Global Warming and Evolution?


Scientific data on global warming and evolution has always been a contentious issue in the United States. Most people in the United States have chosen to have their own beliefs instead of relying on published scientific data. Some even claim that scientists do not show or portray the real image of what is happening in the society (Sunday et al., 2014). This has not been the first time that people of a certain regions have failed to acknowledge the important information researched and provided by the scientific community. The same people already discounted data stating the age of the world and the time that man was thought to have existed. Generally, the population that tends to reject most of the scientific data that has been published over the years currently stand at 40% with the population increasing by the day (Sunday et al., 2014). Most people seem to be in denial because they have not felt the effect of either global warming or evolution in their life (Sunday et al., 2014). When it directly comes to issues dealing with either global warming or evolution, people have had different views altogether. Some believe that global warming has never been a problem because they have no reports on such issues (Trenberth et al., 2014). When it comes to evolution most people believe that human being have existed for many years in the earth and that they did not in any way come from any way evolve or change from one form to another.  Most of the people in the United States have refused to accept scientific data on the above two areas because of their personal perceptions on issue revolving around global warming and evolution (Sunday et al., 2014).


Any form of scientific data that has been published over the years has certain standards that are supposed to adhere to. All information contained in any form of research is collected and approved using the correct procedures. The information collected on scientific data is tested against a known hypothesis and determined if it is true or false. After this a conclusion about a certain issues is made. Scientific data has been used in numerous cases to make major improvements in different fields with the acceptability percentage among members of the general population being higher (Trenberth et al., 2014). In other words, the process through which scientific data carries out any form of investigation is clear and cannot be argued to be bias. Additionally, the information provided is normally accepted because it has been tested by using the correct procedures. Therefore, any scientific data relating to either global warming or evolution followed the correct procedure in addressing all issues facing the society and can therefore be classified as correct.

Global warming is worldwide phenomena that have been recognized by different parties across the world. It has been associated with increase in the amount of carbon (IV) oxide across the whole world (Trenberth et al., 2014).   As a result, the average temperatures of the world would rise. The causes of global warming have been described in detail by different parties.  It has been associated with increase in amounts of greenhouse gases as well as increase in use of aerosols and soot in the environment. The sun output has increased has also been increasing at a much faster level as compared to the initial times across the world. Scientific data has been able to deal with issue in great length going on to mentions the causes of the global warming and at the same time dealing with issues relating to the rapid increase in the amount of environmental temperatures (Trenberth et al., 2014). Scientific data has also been used to explain the different environmental effects of global warming, in fact it has explained the theory behind global warming and why some of the effects have been currently noted in the present world. Some of the common effects that have been noted down include extreme weather conditions in some parts of the world such as the Northern and Southern hemisphere. The other effects include rise in seal levels and melting of most regions that were once covered in ice. All of the above effects have been noted and explained by the use of scientific data. Increase in the amounts of carbon (IV) oxide present in the environment has caused increase in acidity in major oceans of the world. Climate change is set to affect the world in different ways. Both the natural and social ecosystem s have been affected by the changes associated with global  warming, the number of animals are dying while other natural features such as icy regions are quickly evaporating increase the number of floods witnessed over the recent years. It is only a matter of time before disaster fully strikes the world. Migrations of different birds have been noted due to changes in the ecosystem as a result of the destruction of some of their habitats. Generally, everything seems to be running in the wrong direction. The most interesting thing is that all this information has been supported by conclusive scientific data. All of the above happening, their mechanism and why they are happening have majorly been supported by the use of scientific data. In other words scientific data has been used across the board to explain the different varied effects of global warming. Geologists and geographers have continuously come up with new models that dares the current challenges being faced by the current society (Dai, 2013). They explain how collection and use of data could be used to solve the same problem. Infact the problem affecting the world is better explained in terms of numbers than in anything else.  Without the use of this scientific data, all the gains that made over the years would be negated since the problem would no longer be understood able among the different player’s parties that either support or disapprove issues relating to global warming.  The level and extent of global warming can only be assessed by looking at the how the numbers have been rising over the years. This seems to be the most viable option present in the current society dealing with such issues (Dai, 2013).

The second issues that has been disowned by many people in the United States is evolution. The transformation of man from the earlier forms to what that has become today provides clues on how man has changed over the years. Evolution bases its data on the major discoveries that have been made by man over the years. Most of these discoveries relate to discovery of new tools that wet used in ancient times (Kosaka & Xie, 2013). Additionally, the skulls of different men have been discovered over a period of time making it quite easier for any scientific data to have enough backing or claims as to why man has been changing over the years. Most evidence presented in scientific journals illustrate that man is continuously transforming according to the environmental effects felt across the board. It is hard to discount all issues because man there exist a lot of evidence to illustrate that indeed man has evolved over the years. Research data has backed such claims with a lot of evidence (Kosaka & Xie, 2013). To date evolution has been included in nearly all aspects of history as it attempts to explain how man came to being (Dai, 2013). Different people in the present society use different approaches to address the current problem at hand. The rise of different believers in matters relating to evolution have further made the issue to be considered one of the most important in the society


As stated above, global warming and evolution are two scientific ideas that have been supported over the years with scientific data. The claim by many Americans that the issue is nonexistent is therefore regarded as a white lie. The government of the United States has been on the forefront urging other countries to reduce the amount of emission released to the environment (Moritz & Agudo, 2013). The government represents the voice of people and is therefore expected to bring out issues facing the society (Dai, 2013). By advocating for the reduction in amounts of greenhouse gases, it is directly making its stand clear that there is a problem in the society and that problem is supposed to be addressed by following all the accepted channels which may include policy changes as well as other methods such as advocacy in the society (Aitken & Bemmels, 2016).The government of the United States continues to conduct research on early human beings and any advancement is made public (Kosaka & Xie, 2013).

            There are remains of almost all living organisms that have evolved in different books. The museums keep antiquities that have shaped the evolution process NJ the whole time. All citizens of the United States have been able to go through an educational system where there was emphasis human beings revolved and have been linked to several different animals across the world. Therefore it would be a fallacy for most people to refuse to accept that the above two issues affecting the society are still dominant and should be believed (Merilä & Hendry, 2014).

On the other hand those who do not want to believe in the above issues have different and varied opinions (Quintero & Wiens, 2013). Others have argued that Global warming may be an issue that faces the society in the near future but not on the present times and therefore any form of data being circulated containing such kind of information is false and should not be used by the people (Aitken & Bemmels, 2016). In the other hand people are more convinced that evolution does not occur because human beings have existed to the current years and have not in any way changed or evolved to become something else on in the society and therefore part of the data being investigated by the different parties may all be wrong. Additionally the exact times that such events happened have never been demystified by members of the society and the data collected over the process may necessarily be wrong due to various reasons (Merilä, & Hendry, 2014).




Most people in the United States have advanced several arguments against the existence of global warming. All of their arguments have been based on their personal opinion because they are discounting the use of accepted scientific methods. In other words they are arguing against the science that relates evolution to human beings and the existence of the phenomena termed as global warming. Generally, most of the people in the United States ate staunch Christiana. Actually, the number is more than 80% of the general population (Kosaka & Xie, 2013). In their entire life they have been told and believe that human beings came to the earth after being created by God. Religion has more followers than people who purely believe in evolution (Aitken & Bemmels, 2016).

Secondly, most of the scientists who have also failed to admit they believe in evolution. Some scientific evidence shows that evolution might necessarily be a myth while other has argued that it indeed happens. Divisions in the scientific community serve to advance the issues being talked about but those who do not believe on evolution (Cai et al., 2014). Close to give percent of most of the scientists have shown their belief on matters of dealing with creation leaving the remaining percentage to continue arguing our on wherever the creation story is true is indeed a myth as many would like to believe. Most of the scientists publishing their information already believe that creation is myth and therefore in most cases their views are biased towards one side and never in any case would their data be in contradiction to what they believe (Aitken & Bemmels, 2016). Some have also argued that the father of evolution denounced it at some stage since some characteristics never matched up to what they had expected. Some characteristics such as the eyes of the monkey and other features never added up in the first place. Such mishaps in information would further cement the belief that in no circumstances did evolution ever exist (Cai et al., 2014).

Another critical question that remains unanswered is the fact that evolution stopped occurring. By now most people would have evolved to become different individuals in the society (Aitken & Bemmels, 2016). Monkey would have already undergone transformation to become something different in life. Proponents of evolution argue that evolution is a process and the current class of human being is not classified as being Homo sapiens. They are currently being referred to as Homo sapiens sapiens and are. More advanced compared to Homo sapiens who make up the vast majority of people in the earth (Moritz & Agudo, 2013). Some would argue that evolution has never be witnessed by any individual and that more information has been obtained from the views of others and passed to the next generation. This is what is said to have ensured that globalization has continued for many years (Dai, 2013). Proponents would argue that there is evidence to show that the process once happen and is still happening to date.  Proponents would also argue that scientific data has shown that the human genome is closely linked and associated to those of the primates which include monkeys and other organisms suggesting that at a given time human being must have had the same features as other animals and changed over a period of time Cai et al., 2014).

Several argument s have been advanced in the case of global warming. The first has been the argument that shows that the levels of the sea are rising by the day and causing floods in areas that were once never affected by floods (Aitken & Bemmels, 2016). Other important points would be the increase in the levels of acidification on the oceans as well as the new elevated levels of world temperatures. Glaciers are also decreasing and there are random movements of birds from their habitats to other parts of the world (Aitken & Bemmels, 2016). Additionally, most of the recent the yield of the crops as well as animals that live across regions where global warming has started have perished while others continuously become endangered species. Most countries across the world are also adopting new measures to deal with the current issue that are at play.

Opponents of global warming would argue out that it there is no data existing that would directly prove that the global warming is major issue across the world because there is no evidence to back most of the claims. Secondly, the amount of ice on the Arctic region increased. If global warming was reading occurring then the thigh temperature could have in one way or another melted the ice present in this region (Aitken & Bemmels, 2016). Therefore the increase in the amount of ice is an indication that Global warming may not be existing and all data published should be reexamined. Another great point emphasized on the United States has been the increase in the amount of yields and other important products in the market. Some have never on their life seen or felt the effects of global warming and therefore it would be a lie that they would believe on something that has never in any way affected those (Kosaka & Xie, 2013).


Most of the beliefs that have been put forth on the above arguments show that most of the people have personal opinions on issues relating to global warming and evolution. Most of them have never viewed anything related to that (Cai et al., 2014). They have not noted the decline in produce and the increased temperature in their region. Additionally global warming has never been a topic of discussion on the United States of especially among the ruling class. This makes such issues irrelevant on the eyes of the people and their belief systems tell them to believe on something different altogether (Merilä, & Hendry, 2014). When all this factors are coupled together then there are very low chances that there will be any form of belief among the general population on issues that either relate to global warming or evolution. The two differences in opinions are so wide and varied and cannot be resolved since they trickle down to personal beliefs (Cai et al., 2014).


Most Americans would not believe in issues relating to global warming and evolution because they have not felt the effects of global warming on their lives. Additionally, it has never been an important issues classified as a national issue such as terrorism. Evolution is not rejected because of the personal religious beliefs of different individuals in the society.

















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Sample Research Paper on why do millions of Americans Reject Scientific Data on Global Warming and Evolution?

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Sample Research Paper on why do millions of Americans Reject Scientific Data on Global Warming and Evolution?

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Sample Research Paper on why do millions of Americans Reject Scientific Data on Global Warming and Evolution?

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