Sample Essay on the International Women’s Day

Sample Essay on the International Women’s Day

Sample Essay on the International Women’s Day

The International Women’s Day is celebrated on 8th March every year across the world. The day is celebrated in a show of appreciation, respect and love towards women. Precisely, the day was set aside to celebrate the social, political and economic achievements made by the women globally. The origin of the International Women’s Day can be traced back to Europe and Russia. The event was initially a Socialist Political event that was reserved as a holiday.

At the time that the event was beginning to gain its popularity, its political aspect started fading in most regions. Thus, the event simply turned out to be an occasion when men would express their love for women in a way that was seen to bring together the aspects of both Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. In certain parts of the world, the political and human rights aspects of the International Women’s day designated by the United Nations are still vibrant. Besides, the social awareness of the struggles of women is also highlighted on this day. The celebrations of this day are marked by wearing purple ribbons.

Sample Essay on the International Women’s Day

Also known as the United Nations Day for Women’s Rights and International Peace, this day brings together women from various sectors of including politics, business, education among other together. These women are invited at the events to give addresses or speak on behalf of others in the hope of empowering them. The messages that are often passed on during the events focus on various themes like the portrayal of women in the media, innovation, career opportunities, importance of educating the girl child among others.

In schools and other educational settings, students engage in special lessons, discussions and presentations that focus on the importance of women in society, their impacts and the issues that affect them.

In some nations, school children often bring gifts to female teachers and women receive little presents from family and friends. In most places of work, special mentions are made for the International Women’s Day through notices, newsletters and even promotional materials that are focused on the day.

The first ever International Women’s Day celebrations to be held took place in March 19th 1911. This inaugural event was successful in countries like Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Denmark. The reason for the 19th date is that it was the day when the Prussian King made a promise to introduce women votes in 1848. Even thought it was a promise that he failed to keep, it gave for equality between men and women in society.

In 1913, the International Women’s Day was moved to March 8th. Later in 1975, the United Nations began a worldwide campaign on the need to pay attention to women’s concerns. The campaign began with a conference in Mexico City. The body later on called upon member states to proclaim 8th of March as the UN Day for Women’s Rights and International Peace in 1977.

The International Women’s Day has got a logo that is designed with the symbol of Venus and lined in purple and white colors. Each year, the celebrations are marked with a new slogan.

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