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SWOT Analysis of J.C Penney

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SWOT Analysis of J.C Penney: The Company brief

A SWOT analysis of J.C Penney indicates the strengths as well as the weaknesses of this company and the opportunities and threats that it is facing. SWOT analysis is simply a tool that organizations use to identify their Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. The tool is very important because it enables the management of a company to understand the situation or the environment in which it operates in order to make sound decisions sand engage in effective strategic planning.

J.C Penney is a home furnishing and apparel retailer with over 1,020 stores. This company aims at fitting the diversity of the American style, quality and value. It offers a wide array of assortment of private, exclusive and national brands in different sizes, occasions, budgets and shapes to its customers. Apart from selling the conventional merchandise, the company has leased departments which include Optical, Sephora, Jewelry, Portrait Studios and Watch repair. It also has a Coffee Café in Seattle or a Marketplace.

SWOT analysis of J. C Penney: Strengths

Among the major strengths of J.C Penney include:

It is present in over 1100 locations.

It offers goods’ shipment and this enhances the experience of its customers.

It has a great revenue performance, which has enabled it to occupy a strong market position financially.

The company offers a wide range of products including clothing, furniture, footwear, beauty products, jewelry and electronics.

It offers hair cuts for kids for free and this attracts more buyers.

C Penney has launched different private labels.

SWOT analysis of J. C Penney: Weaknesses

Some of the weaknesses of this company are as follows:

Varied assortment causes inconsistent in all its stores.

It offers weak perishable items.

It does not meet the best standards of merchandising.

The rising operational costs pressure the economic basics of the store.

The global presence of this company is less, especially in the emerging economies.

J.C Penney has a limited market share because its competitors have similar offerings.

SWOT analysis of J. C Penney: Opportunities


Some of the opportunities that J.C Penney can exploit included:

Acquire a small retail chains.

Exploit the increasing disposable income of its customers.

Tap the international markets more so in the emerging economies.

Enhance its visibility by offering services that focus on customers and via advertising.

Focus on expanding in-shop stores.

Launch private and exclusive label brands

Venture into more online investments.

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SWOT analysis of J. C Penney: Threats

The company plays on the price point level yet the economy still has a gloomy

Major competitors such as Kohl’s and Marcy’s are expanding and this means that J.C Penney is losing its market share to them.

The cost of labor is rising in the United States from where it operates.

Informal markets where people are trading out of the store when consumer times become tough.

Some manufacturers are hesitant to supply Waldo’s with their products because they fear that their brands will be damaged.

The store-in-a-store concept is taking more customers away from J.C Penney such as the case with Wal-Mart’s Pricho’s.

When can SWOT analysis of J.C Penney be used?

J.C Penney’s SWOT analysis can be used by the management of this company when exploring possibilities or trying to find solutions to various problems, making decisions on the way forward for this organization, determining the necessary changes to make and when adjusting or refining the strategic plan of the company. This analysis is a means of communicating the program or initiative of the management of this company.

SWOT analysis of J.C Penney: References Used

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