Sample Essay on Battle of Lake Regillus

Battle of Lake Regillus: Location of the battle

The battle was and is still a major source of conflict between the Rome and Latin league, even though it was not entirely part of Latin war that took place two centuries later. The power of the romans was growing immensely on the Peninsula, causing a major influence over Latin cities that also grew considerably.

The Latins were growing wary of the Roman power and decided to revolt against the Roman Republic. Roman and Latin forces would gather and met near Lake Regillus.  This was the location of the war and it was an ancient Volcano left over. It would have been dried out by the end of 4th century BCE. The lake is very close to Tusculum and Frascati, roughly 15 miles from the Servian walls of Rome.

The actual Battle of Lake Regillus

On the day of the battle, the forces gathered near Lake Regillus, with Roman allies and forces being led by Aulus Postumius Albus. He was a dictator and they had Titus Aebutius Elva as the Master of the Horse. The Latins on the other hand had Tarquinius Superbus, Octavius Mamilius and Sextus who was the son of Tarquinius. It was certain that the battle took the Phalanx style which was adopted from the Greeks.

Tarquinii forced Roman forces to fight with a high level of cruelty. Generals from Rome would fight in the battle fiercely something they rarely engaged in. When the fight was joined, Tarquinius was badly injured as he made an attempt on Aulus. Titus also tried to attack Mamilius leaving him with minor injuries. Titus himself got injured in the arm. The Romans were pushed back at some point in the war leading to the death of Marcus , an ex-consul.

Aulus, sensing and fearing defeat ordered his new troops to kill all retreating Romans. Mamilius was killed in the process by ex-consul Titus Herminius Aquilinus but he was also killed afterwards. To ensure the victory of the Romans in the desperate situation, Aulus went ahead to order the Equites to get off their war horses and fight the enemy. This led to a highly vicious battle that ended with the victory of the Romans. The Latins were defeated and Latin camp was captured by the Romans. The Romans had an advantage in the war because of the legend Castor and Pollux, the Gemini Twins and took part in the battle as Roman allies horsemen.

The aftermath of the Battle of Lake Regillus

Many years after the battle at the Lake, the region was characterized by a stagnation period. Quintus Cloelius, Aulus Sempronius, Titus Lartius and Marcus Minucius were appointed as consuls. The change of consuls was considered a good move and it did not generate any issues for the City: the Latin league which had been hardly hit in order to reorganize once more against the Romans.

Additionally, in the year that Publius Servilius (495 BC) and Appius Claudius were appointed arrives, the news of the death of Tarquinius reached Rome.

Tarquinius died at the Cumae, tyrant Aristodemus court where he had been welcomed and hosted after the defeat of Latin forces.

The war ended with the signing of peace treaty between Rome and the Latin League as the Latins accepted Rome supremacy. The treaty took place after the death of Tarquinius Superbus, in 493 BC. Latin League and Rome further agreed to form a defensive military alliance. They agreed on perpetual peace and not to aid or give their enemies free passage to the other. They also agreed to damage any campaign against them. The treaty remained the foundation of good relationship between the Latins and Rome for the next century until the end of Latin war.

Battle of Lake Regillus: References