Sample Essay Assignment on Typhoon Haiyan

Sample Essay Assignment on Typhoon Haiyan

Also known as Typhoon Yolanda in the Philippines, Typhoon Haiyan is one of the greatest tropical cyclones in the history of the world. The cyclone hit parts of Southeast Asia especially the Philippines on 8th November 2013 causing massive destruction and deaths. The effects of the Typhoon Haiyan was felt on almost 15 million people in the Philippines whereby at least 6, 268 were killed. This is the strongest cyclone ever recorded at landfall and even interns of wind speed. Despite hitting the Philippines in November 2013, bodies were still being found three months later.

In the 2013 Pacific Typhoon Season, the Typhoon Haiyan became the 30th storm to be named. Its origin was traced to an area with very low pressure, several miles towards the eastern part of Southeast of Pohnpei on 2ndNovember 2013.

Sample Essay Assignment on Typhoon Haiyan


The stormed was traced to have travelled towards the west as a result of favorable environmental conditions that were triggered by tropical cyclogenesis. The system then developed into a tropical depression just one day later.

The tropical storm attained the name Haiyan at 0000 UTC on the 4th of November. As a result of the rapid intensification that the system went through, it developed into a typhoon by 1800 UTC the following day. It is after attaining this strength that the storm passed over the Kayangel Island, Palau. As days moved on, the storm became more intense. On 7th November, it had reached 1200 UTC. The intensity even grew stronger and when it hit 1800 UTC, panic had already begun on various parts of the region even though it was still not known where it would hit.

After hours of confusion, the first landfall of the cyclone was experienced in the Philippines at Guiuan, Eastern Samar. Before it emerged on the South China Sea, the storm added other five landfalls in the country. Turning to the west, Typhoon Haiyan also struck Northern parts of Vietnam just two days after hitting the Philippines. Based on the effects, Typhoon Haiyan was the following day identified as a tropical depression by the JMA.

The Haiyan lead to lots of catastrophic destruction that will take several years to bring back to line. Parts of the Philippines that were mostly affected by the storm were Samar and Leyte. Apart from the thousands who died, millions worth of property was destroyed and scores were left without homes. Currently, various nations and humanitarian aid agencies like the UN, World Vision among others have come in and are helping the affected people with basic needs in order to try and bring their lives back together.

Based on the high death toll and extensive damage caused by the Haiyan, The Philippines Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) announced that it would delete the name Yolanda from the naming list of typhoons. Yasmin was chosen to replace Yolanda. During annual session of ESCAP/WMO 2014 edition, the Typhoon committee announced that the name Haiyan would also be stricken from the typhoon naming lists by January 1st 2015.

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