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Sample Coursework Paper on Courage to Change the Things We Can

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Sample Coursework Paper on Courage to Change the Things We Can

Courage to Change the Things We Can

Technology has changed over time. This change has impacted so many sectors and the health sector has not been left out. Nurses have adopted the use of technology in carrying out their duties. This is what we call nursing informatics. It has helped in improving documentation and decision making within the framework. Jones (2007) noted that nursing informatics is a new field that is characterized by rapid growth both in increased numbers of practitioners and outburst of knowledge (p. 132). The nurse who has embraced informatics will select, test, and implement the health care operations. In addition, they will maintain and evaluate the systems in place. This discipline is vital as will help reduce cases of the mistakes committed by nurses as well as boost better medical care for the patient.

Nursing informatics has rapidly growth as a result of the increased number of nurses who specialize in electronic documentation as they practice. This gives them an opportunity to use science to influence the designing of their information structures. The American Nursing Association (ANA) argues that nursing informatics is a specialization that enables nurses to utilize data, information, knowledge and wisdom in offering support to patients and other health care providers, and making decision in the health care environment (Treas & Wilkinson, 2013, p.1572). This means that the main role of nursing informatics is to link nursing as an art to nursing science. This will in turn have an impact in the entire system and ensure the recipient who is the patient gets quality services.

Nursing informatics assist in record-keeping. This will help in eliminating the rigorous and tedious manual paper work system. This makes the process of making references easier. In addition, this information will be well stored in computers and a nursing informatics will be able to retrieve the information on a particular patient and use such data in decision-making. This is because a patient’s treatment may be influenced by the previous history of the patient’s sickness. This will help reduce cases as documented by Gibson and Singh (2003) in their book “Wall of Silence,” an account of the many patients who became victims of careless mistakes by the medical practitioners. Such mistakes lead to death of patients or even others being disabled. These mistakes have been said to arise from wrong prescription, a nurse giving a patient a dose that wasn’t meant for them and worse still some patients are not in a position to tell what might have gone wrong. These patients end up living a long miserable lives for mistakes that were not their own and those which could have been avoided. On the other hand, the bereaved lose their loved and even some families’ break-up as some blame themselves for the loss.

Nursing informatics versus the aviation company

Unfortunately, though the citizens of America expect that the health facility is the safest place to be, this has not been the case as millions of people lose lives as demonstrated by Gibson and Singh (2003). The whole health framework is not well organized in terms of the current technological wisdom. The health care system has a leave to borrow from better organized framework such as aviation. This sector trains her personnel so well and they communicate effectively to ensure that the plane lands safely. Nursing informatics should improve effectively communication within the nurses holding the outcome of their practice as collective responsibility.


Nursing informatics in the future

Nursing informatics continue to better patient care each single day. As more and more policies in nursing informatics are put in place or implemented, the health care systems deliver better services. A nurse informatics will be required to be skilled in using technology in patient care and information systems. These skills will be important when collecting data. This data will be used to generate information. Students need to be on information technology. This will help them to comfortably fit in the changing healthcare. This is because as Federal agencies continue to encourage the use of electronic medical records in healthcare through funding the hospitals, trained personnel is needed.

In addition, health facilities will have incorporated the use of electronic databases. This will be important for the use of databases available on-line as well as e-journal. Such databases include Google scholar and Ebsco publishing among other. They provide platforms where one can assess books, journals, and web information. When challenged by a certain subject. Nursing informatics can access these databases and get informed. Moreover, electronic databases will assist the medical practitioner to make quality decisions.

Nursing informatics is a phenomena making use on-line communication to provide services to their clients. A nurse can communicate with the client via an e-mail. However, one should be careful not to include confidential information, ensure that they send did to the right recipient and that the intended message is communicated. Another platform that allows on-line communication is the social media. Examples are Twitter, You-tube, Facebook, and blogs such as chat rooms. However, according to Yarbro, C. H., Frogge, M. H., & Goodman, M. (2005) a nurse should be careful not give any content that could harm a patient’s privacy and rights. They should also substantiate their personal and professional content or any private information.

APRIL 15, 2014
Open letter

Working in the medical rooms is an experience that cannot be expressed in words. It needs a lot care and preciseness. Stress is at times inevitable as one attends to some very critical conditions. I know at times you call me and I don’t respond immediately. This makes you feel like I don’t love you, I do. But at times I have to rush to attend to that other client on times.

Yesterday when you shouted my name, I heard and got you quite clear, but you see, there was this other patient who had to have his tubes fixed and that’s why I responded minutes later. I understand you, I understand that at times you need my attention but at times please understand when I respond minutes later.

I fully understand my duty to you. I believe that am supposed to do my best to ensure that toy give your medication on time. On the other hand, I understand how it feels to be attending to an hour later from the prescript time. I know how you must have felt seen me bring your medicine an hour after your specified medication time. Probably you might felt the urge to shout at me, beat me or something like that. I understand you and please am sorry for this. Please forgive me. I thought I had attended you but on going through my patients’ list, I just realized my mistake. I promise to not repeat such a mistake again. Once again forgive me for that.


Your nurse.


Baker, J. D. (2012).Nursing Informatics. Perioperative Nursing Clinics 7, 151–160

doi:10.1016/j.cpen.2012.02.010.web on 3rd April, 2014. pril, 2014. Retrieved from

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Yarbro, C. H., Frogge, M. H., and Goodman, M. (2005). Cancer nursing: Principles and practice. Sudbury, Mass: Jones and Bartlett Publishers.

Top of Form

Gibson, R., and Singh, J. P. (2003). Wallofsilence: the untold story of the medical mistakes that kill and injure millions of Americans. Washington, D.C: Lifeline Press.

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Sample Coursework Paper on Courage to Change the Things We Can

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Sample Coursework Paper on Courage to Change the Things We Can

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