Sample Admission Essay Paper on Cultural Exchange

Cultural exchange experiences expose people to dissimilar religious, socio-economic, geographic, and cultural settings, which offer the chance for the development of enhanced comprehension of diversity. Cultural exchange enables people to interrelate with and gain knowledge from others while taking part in new and exceptional encounters past the local community. For instance, cultural exchange in Italy will benefit both an individual and the local community, Cayman Islands, as it will facilitate the development of positive affiliations with others, comprehension of a wide scope of perspectives, and enhancement of skills and expertise required for excelling in societal endeavors. The Cayman Islands and most nations across the globe have identified the significance of cultural exchange hence have been embarking on active endeavors through their operations to boost such experiences. Education is the greatest platform through which cultural exchange experiences are enabled in an extensive scale.

A student in Italy, who hails from the Cayman Islands, may benefit from a cultural exchange experience by developing the ability to tackle both personal and local issues. Such issues encompass racial discrimination, perceived lack of cultural diversity and poor experience, and comprehension of both the regional and international community. The biggest problem in the Cayman Islands emanated from an immigration strategy by the government in the recent past where any person who had a family member on the island was permitted to assume citizenship, encompassing ex-cons who would previously not have obtained residential status. Attributable to the impact of the policy, the influence of expat community changed the situation negatively as recession began to rise, employment gradually became scant, and the level of crime augmented. In this regard, conflict erupted between youthful Caymanians and the expat society, which has been worsened by the politicians spreading the notion of “they have taken the jobs”.

Among the most beneficial influence of cultural exchange experience is that it will offer Caymanians the opportunity to coexist peacefully with people from dissimilar backgrounds and nationalities. This will go a long way to enhancing the acceptance of the expat community in the islands and seeking to develop employment creation endeavors that will accommodate and benefit every resident. Moreover, young Caymanians will have the opportunity of making new lifetime friends from all over the world while in Italy.  Such lifelong friendships will offer the individuals valuable connections that will lead to high chances of employment in any country across the globe. On this note, cultural exchange experience acts as a considerable way of introducing an individual to people and notions to which they would not have otherwise been exposed. When such individuals return to the Cayman Islands they will promote the appreciation and understanding of different cultures, which will play a vital role in the generation of productive programs. Therefore, cultural exchange experience will generate potential affluence with respect to the development of fiscal, cultural, and social capital.

To understand and contribute meaningfully in tackling local challenges, Caymanians and other citizens internationally have to develop a solid comprehension of the world around them. In conclusion, amid the most valuable influence of cultural exchange experience is that it will present Caymanians with the chance of coexisting serenely with people from diverse backgrounds. The maintenance, development, and diversification of cultural exchange programs is vital in backing individuals and local communities that interrelate and share notions and information in an effort of making the world better.