Admission Essay on Why Do You Want To Be A Nurse?

Nursing is perhaps one of the most involving careers in medicine. Assisting patients and doctors alike requires dedication, a love for helping and an especially thick skin to take the challenges that come with the job. It is these, among other reasons, therefore, that require nurses to be dedicated individuals who not only see nursing as a career, but also as a call, and have a passion for helping others.

Currently a student of English language, Ihave a high school degree and, nursing has been one of my passions since I was a child. My uncle was a doctor and throughout my childhood, I watched him help people. It was especially pleasing to see the satisfaction he drew from his work as a doctor, and the gratitude in the eyes of the patients he treated. His work, the dedication towards his profession, and the relationships he built with the patients, piqued my interest, and while he was my inspiration, I believe my calling is in nursing rather than as a physician.

I am well aware of the different opportunities available to nurses, depending on their training and qualifications one could become a registered nurse, licensed nurse, a nurse practitioner etc. However, I strongly believe that d all types of nurses and the work they do is respectable and makes a great contribution towards improving a patient’s condition. I desire to be a part of this profession and make a difference in the lives of the patients, their families, the nursing profession itself, and the entire medical profession. I believe that with my passion for helping people, I can contribute a lot towards making a difference.

I hope to work in a hospital as a nurse, interact and help the patients in coping with their illness and health issues, as well as help them on their road to recovery. I draw inspiration, satisfaction and happiness from helping people achieve their health goals—goals that have pronounced implications in other aspects of the patients’ lives. As a nurse, I would draw happiness from helping people (my patients) work towards and achieve their goals.

Working as a nurse in a hospital also presents an opportunity to meet and partner with a diverse range of people, who I believe will contribute to not only my career as a nurse but also positively impact my social life. Hospitals and my mandate as a nurse would present many such opportunities, which I plan to take advantage of in the advancement of my professional and social life.

My choice for this college for my training as a nurse comes from the reputation that the college has built over the years. Moreover, it is common knowledge that an individual is only as good as the training he/she receives.Many of the college’s alumni have impressed upon me the comprehensive nature of the training that the college offers in nursing. It is only natural, therefore, that I should apply to this college for my training. I believe that the training offered will help me achieve my dream of being a nurse in future. I believe that the college will equip me with the best tools and knowledge to become the best nurse I believe I can become.