Where to Read Good Samples of Research Papers

Where to Read Good Samples of Research Papers

Research papers are common writing assignments for students. In fact, you have not been to college if you have never submitted a research paper to your professor. Although it is a common task, students experience a range of challenges when handling research papers. From finding a good topic to editing and proofreading, research paper writing can be draining. To simplify your work, you need to know where to read good samples of research papers.

This handout is designed to not only simplify your writing, but also to make research paper assignments, a walkover. Here is the summary:

  • Understanding research papers
  • Elements of a good research paper
  • Sources of excellent research papers
  • Examples of well-done research papers

Read on and improve your writing skills without any cost.

Where to Read Good Samples of Research Papers free of charge

Understanding a research paper

A research paper is a well-written essay, which involves thorough searching of information from sources, organization, critical thinking, source evaluation and composition. One can view a research paper as a living thing, which grows and changes as you examine, interpret and analyze various sources that relate to the research topic.

Primary and secondary sources are the heart of any research paper. Without consulting these sources, your manuscript would probably morph into something else like an encyclopedic article.

A research paper does the following two things:
  1. It furthers your field
  2. Increases your knowledge through in-depth research
What a research paper is not:

While many students assume to know enough about research papers, the majority has a wrong understanding of research.  Do you want to know what a research paper is not? Here we go…

  • A research paper is not a summary literature source
  • A research paper is not a book report
  • A research paper is not your opinion
  • A research paper is not an expository essay

After looking at what a research paper is and is not, it is necessary to understand where to read good samples of research papers. This will help you master different approaches to employ whenever your professor gives a similar assignment.

Unlike other written papers, the purpose of a research paper is not to inform your audience what other people say about your topic of research. Instead, it focuses on offering a unique perspective about the research topic through meticulous consultation of relevant sources.

Thus, when you have a research paper to work on, always know that the task ahead is more demanding than when handling a general essay.

Example #1:  Good research papers:

  • Strategic Management and Strategic Competitiveness
  • The Challenges faced During Data Mining
  • United Nations Peacekeeping Missions

These selected research papers are nicely written. They will definitely help you understand the style, formatting, and organization of a standard research work. Download them on your iPad or laptop and use them as a benchmark for your future research assignments.

Trusted places where to read good samples of research papers

The greatest challenge you will face when looking for sample essays to better your writing skills is finding a reliable source. Where do you go?

With massive usage of the internet, you are likely to turn to Google and engage the search engine for help. However, the millions of options you get at the click on the search button will confuse you more than before. Here are some tricks to help you find where to read good samples of research papers:

Navigating the Net for help:

Visit university sites: Since you cannot rely on every online source, go for leading university websites. Top learning institutions like Purdue University, Oxford University and Harvard University offer reliable and professional help.

Sample papers and writing tips on these sites are genuine because the institutions focus on equipping their students with unmatched skills.

Visit online libraries– You can access several top libraries in the world through the internet. Even though most of these resource centers will require you to subscribe for a fee, or buy their products, it is worth your dollars than risking your career with anonymous online sources.

Top libraries in the world, include:
  1. Library of Congress, Washington D.C
  2. Bodleian Library, Oxford, UK
  3. Boston Public Library
  4. Library of Parliament, Ottawa, Canada
  5. New York Public Library, NY

Selected Online Sources- Since your first stopover whenever you are, handling a written assignment is the web, it is important to understand the risks of using anonymous sources, which include:

Scammers- The net is a home to numerous scammers and fraudulent individuals, masquerading as research writers. They prey on gullible and unsuspecting students who blindly contract them for academic reasons. Do not fall victim to this vicious company.

Extortion– Sourcing research services online can be pricey. Most of these companies will charge you exorbitantly without considering your status as a student. Do you have all that money? You need a service provider that understands your needs.

Unreliability– As you decide on where to read good samples of research papers, the internet can be a real letdown when you are in need. Most of these service providers hardly keep deadlines yet academic papers have strict deadlines. You do not want to imagine the situation you will find yourself when you miss your professor’s closing date.

Websites to rely on for good samples of research papers

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How to introduce your research paper in an appealing way

Besides the demanding research work that will leave you exhausted, making your paper appealing is also a point of concern. Since you are writing the paper for an audience, think about the reception. Will your professor or online readers like your paper?

To pique your audience, your research paper must stand out in terms of style, language, presentation, and content. No one has the time to read a boring and disorganized paper, when there are flawless scripts to peruse. Discover and master the tricks before you start thinking of where to read good samples of research papers.

Setting the stage of your research:

Choose an interesting good topic. In case you have a chance to decide your research topic, make the best out of this opportunity. Selecting your topic allows you to settle on a topic that interests you.  You will find a lot of fun in writing about something that is familiar to you.

Do not choose a broad topic. Every research paper has a scope. Your research topic should have limits to define the depth and breadth of your content. A broad topic will give you hard time deciding on what to include in your final copy.

If your professor decides your research topic, seek clarification to avoid any misunderstanding. Describe your topic to bring out its relationship with your area of specialization.

Setting the scene: – Use your introduction to paint an image of your research environment. Reveal all the conditions to allow the audience put the topic into perspective as they prepare to delve into the body of your research.

Describe the problem– The purpose of conducting your research is to offer solutions to an existing problem. What is the problem? You will also hold the attention of the reader if you explain the problem with clarity. In addition, the issue at hand must have significant and relevant to the people. Ensure you answer the so what question.

With these tips, you should be able to put together an appealing research paper. If this sounds like magic or a mathematics theorem, then find out where to read good samples of research papers before you embark on your assignment. In fact, do not look any further; here are recommended research papers:

Example #2: Recommended Research paper samples

  • Human Rights, Social Justice Interventions and Refugee Rights
  • Chronic Condition Diabetes
  • Marriage in Hindu Religion

With the above tips and examples, your next research paper assignment should be a walkover. Make this handout your research guide and see the outcome.  Go for the best.

PESTEL analysis of Carter’s Inc. Model: Environmental Factors

Ecological factors are quite significant in the Carter’s Inc. operations. Environmental conservation is a major concern and principle across different parts of the globe and the company enjoys

Business sustainability trend hence, an opportunity

Carter’s Inc. offers environmentally friendly apparel and accessories therefore, an opportunity

Therefore, the company needs to further enhance its operational efficiency. Note that technological advancement helps to increase business efficiency. Improved product standards help to increase sales and strengthen the company as it tackles ecological changes.

PESTEL analysis of Carter’s Inc. Model: Legal Factors

Carter’s Inc. is subject to laws and regulation requirements in the countries it operates in. many countries impose limits on retail companies and the organization, therefore has to deal with

Tax law reform and it is a threat

Employment regulations, presenting an opportunity as it can exploit opportunities concerning employment.

PESTEL analysis of Carter’s Inc. shows that the company has more opportunities compared to threats in its external environment. The company must therefore take advantage of the opportunities and employ the right approaches to address threats to expand its operations across the globe and enjoy increased profitability.

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PESTEL analysis of Carter’s Inc. Model: References

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