How to Write an Expository Essay for STAAR and do it expertly ENGLISH 101: Are you preparing for STAAR? Well, if you are, then you had better do your homework because it takes hard work and determination to score a reasonable grade on that exam. STAAR is a standardized program of testing that applies to
How to Write an English Essay Introduction Knowing how to write an English essay introduction is very important because the introductory paragraph acts as the map that outlines your essay to the reader while pointing out the main argument that will be developed in the essay. An English essay is a form of argumentative writing

Rhetorical Analysis Prompts

What is Rhetorical Analysis Prompts? Understanding rhetorical analysis prompts is very important and it should be the first step in the process of writing a rhetorical analysis essay. An essay prompt refers to a statement that focuses on an issue or topic and it is usually followed by a question or questions. Usually, the prompt

Sample Reflection Paper

Importance of using a sample reflection paper while writing a reflection paper If this is the first time you are writing a reflection paper, you might have no or little idea about how a reflection paper should be written. Although from your research you may have known that this paper is about personal experience as

Sample Recommendation Letter

Sample Recommendation Letter As a job seeker or student who is applying for college or university admission, a sample recommendation letter is one of the most vital assets that you should have in the stock of your professional references. A recommendation letter, also known as a reference letter or letter of recommendation, can be defined

How to Write an Essay Introduction

How to write an essay introduction that accomplishes its purpose To ensure that the essay that you write accomplishes its purpose, ask yourself the following questions: What is the essay about to discuss? Why is the topic useful or important? How will the point be argued out? At first, answering these questions through the introduction
How to write an essay outline for college step by step Step 1: Choose the topic of your essay This entails understanding the essay prompt or essay question. Take time to read and understand the essay question so that you can know what exactly the instructor wants you to write in your essay. Determine the

Example of an Essay about Yourself

Example of an Essay about Yourself In order to effectively know how to write a personal essay, it is always recommended that you refer to a well-written example of an essay about yourself. A professionally crafted essay example can properly show you all the key aspects to be highlighted in the paper for an outstanding

Argumentative Essay Examples

Argumentative Essay Examples Professionally crafted argumentative essay examples are the best reference materials that you can always rely on when writing an argumentative paper. In fact, samples are recommended since they can give you a vivid illustration of how argumentative essays should be written, from the introduction to the conclusion. However, you have to know

What is a Critical Analysis Essay?

So, what is a critical analysis essay? A critical analysis paper or essay first requires you as the writer to give a comprehensive account of the message or goals of the author of the particular work being analyzed. On the other hand, you should also give your own argument based on what the author was