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Sample Paper on Web Technologies

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Sample Paper on Web Technologies

Manchester united is English premier league one of the most successful club in the world. It initially begun as Newton health, in which since it has been based in old Trafford. Having completed in various matches, the club has successively won more than 80 titles comprising of domestic matches, community shields and UEFA champions league, one of the most coveted titles in the Europeans football league. It is one of the richest clubs with an estimated wealth surpassing 1.2 billion pounds, and with close to 10 million funs across North America. The club has been under the stewardship of Sir Alex Fergusson, with the very best players such as Christiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rodney. The club has seen various important events in the league history, with the best possible moment being in 2011, even garnering 19 titles, the best ever in their history, making them the closest rival to beat the Liverpool’s title of 18.

            This project can be made possible by the use of programming languages such as the hypertext processor, cascading style sheets, hypertext transfer protocol, JavaScript and MySQL as a database technology. The interesting part is that these programming languages must also be supported by advanced database technologies which can facilitate an online interaction, animated pictures, sound and video which may loom appealing to sports personnel and other people.


            Macro analysis
            HTML is a non-proprietary markup language which provides and efficient way of storing information on the web (Schneider et al, 2006), making the retrieval process much faster. It is one of the simplest languages derived from the Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML), which is based on a system independent method of representing texts in electronic form. Html uses markups, and essentially markup refers to the process of making manuscript copy with typesetting directions for type, font, size, spacing and identification (Rishi & Dharma, 2004). Html uses tags in order to facilitate the design of a webpage through a given architecture involving a series of connected body tags. Html supports the development of systems and other web-based platforms in the sense that it is mainly used to design the elemental aspects in the initial design of web pages. On the other hand, it also allows other scripts such as the JavaScript’s to be embedded onto the system in order to provide a well-laid interface. Other than being able to help in the design of the initial interface, it also integrates with most web-based scripting languages and hence very suitable as it can be able to interact with other web based languages all over the globe. Due to this, it communicates well with most web-based standards, can intersect with most languages of the web in order to produce an excellent output.

            Micro analysis

            HTML provides a good match for the skills needed in developing this site. This is because it will help in the initial layout of the web pages, from which other languages such as Javascript would be able to be embedded onto the HTML tags, the initial design concept will require the use of these tags to setup the structure of the homepage, while at the same time will not be used in depth.

            HTML though capable of providing a layout in the initial stages, this markup language is facing competition from other incoming scripting, programming and advanced versions of the same. The language has a gleaming future due to the evolution of other stronger languages such as HTML 5 and cascading style sheets which have the same capability, in styling, layout, giving descriptions to fonts as well as providing links to other pages.

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)
Macro analysis
            Cascading style sheets is a language which is used to add stylistic properties on web pages, especially when appended on HTML tags. The css syntax is used in style creation by adding syntaxes which result to complex layouts and other style based features. Css being a web styling language that depends on syntaxes, it conforms to the web content accessibility guidelines which are used in creating web content which conform to specific guidelines.

            Css can be used to design most accessible systems due to its capabilities brought about by the syntaxes. Its syntax can integrate well with the html tags, javascript and be able to be embedded and to be able to work well with most web browsers. On the other hand, css can integrate with many other scripting languages, and at the same time conform with international guidelines on web authoring.

Micro analysis
            It is a powerful styling language mostly used to add stylistic properties on most websites. Css being used almost in every website has many programmers within its developmental community discussing on issues pertaining on how to modify css syntax for use in web programming. Css unlike html is becoming a standard language which is spreading to the global front with every website and portals using it due to its capabilities in adding stylistic features.

            Css future seems bright though emerging languages such as DHTML can be used to add almost the same stylistic features as of css, and css still remains to be on the fore-front in spearheading well-designed websites all over the world. Its use is likely to have an upward trend due to its amazing features and capabilities it presents to the global programming fraternity.

            PHP (Hypertext preprocessor)
Macro analysis
PHP is a well-known open source language which most web programmers use to create and design interactive contents which interact with databases. It is a powerful web programming language especially used where there are large database driven features on websites that are to be built. The language heavily relies on scripts that use the .php> syntax to initiate action within the php structure. Php also integrates well with other web based languages such as html, javascript and css, mainly to support the database capabilities. It is well-supported in the sense that most developers use it to advance their web development skills. This is because it is widely used and supports most open source projects, hence most programmers willingly change the syntaxes in order to meet their developmental goals. Most open source developers through online established open source communities always discuss developmental goal, thus making it support international standards as well as be used in developing many accessible applications.

            Micro analysis
This language will fit this task due to its capabilities in developing database driven websites. Most features such as video and photos can be retrieved well with such a scripting language. This is because php supports dynamicity, in a sense where the website will be interactive as much as possible. This is because the world is moving from static websites to interactive websites, where database support is critical, and as such php will be the center in developing such powerful database driven websites, like many football websites in the Premier league.

            Macro analysis
JavaScript is one of the most valuable scripting languages used in many dynamic websites. It is unavoidable due to its capabilities, features and functions. It uses complex java script libraries which enable it to add more functionality on most web portals in many web based applications (Raasch, 2013). It is an open source language used to add more features on already designed html tags. It helps in adding more functionalities such as animation, visual effects and other interactive capabilities which can be used in many websites. It is not only used in adding interactivity to websites, but also used to add certain events which prompt users and other guests like automatic registration and logins.

            Micro analysis
            This language is of importance in the project due to its forms. It comes in two different forms, server-side javascript and client-side java script. These tow scripting scenarios are important especially when busy sites are to be developed. JavaScript is a standardized scripting language, with the ECMA scripting standard being used in most web programming projects all over the world. This scripting language blends well with the project since it will add more capabilities and provide for advanced functionalities which will be key. Server-side scripting will be of importance due to the nature of the website, and it will be heavily used since more people will access the site.

            The use of JavaScript in the future is quite bright. Javascript apparently control most web programmed interfaces due to its capabilities and features. It also blends well with other languages such as php, css and html, already riding on the web architecture.

Macro analysis
MySQL is one of the best open source database (Harrison & Feuerstein, 2006) used in many database driven websites. It is a relational database management system that can be accessed through the source codes, facilitated under some proprietary arrangements under the GNU general public license. It is the database which is used to manage data which mostly drives extensive web based systems. It has extensive support community facilitated through reviews from professional developers and other online based sites such as w3schools. Its open source nature supports a variety of international standards and various web architectures by enabling the database driven websites to be able to display their live content.

Micro analysis

            MySQL being a database fits well with the chosen technologies by being able to provide a platform or storage area through which other languages such as php can access the database and be able to display it on the tables or layouts as designed through the use of the css syntaxes. This database is suitable for the project since it is highly available and can be deployed on the cloud. It consists of attractive functions which are best appropriate for such an extensive database which will always support many users viewing and interacting with the website.

Alternative technologies


This will be used to enhance the content of the website by enhancing it interactivity compared to CSS.

PHP = Python

Has excellent syntaxes and highly interactive in nature which can be used in the absence of php.

Javascript = Ruby and Python

A specific programming language which can be used in very many large scale projects such as in the development of a website matching the scale in terms of traffic and usage, such as of the Manchester united.

MySQL = PostgreSQL

This is an enhanced version of MySQL and can be used to support the project due to its high performance. It is used to support dynamic websites, as well as be able to large interactive websites and other corporate sites.


The languages and technologies have known attributes, features and capabilities which can be extensively used in developing websites. In line with the nature of the project to be designed, the site will need constant updates concerning score and other reviews which need to be done in real-time. These technologies are, therefore, the appropriate ones which can be used to design and develop such an enormous project, due to the intended user, functions and specifications in order to suit the intended tasks.






HARRISON, G., & FEUERSTEIN, S. (2006). MySQL stored procedure programming. Sebastopol, CA, O’Reilly.


RAASCH, J. (2013). JavaScript Programming Pushing the Limits. Hoboken, Wiley. 


SCHNEIDER, G. P., EVANS, J., & CAREY, P. (2006). New perspectives on the internet: comprehensive. Cambridge, Mass, Course Technology.

Toshniwal, R, & Agrawal, D 2004, ‘Tracing the Roots of Markup Languages’, Communications Of The ACM, 47, 5, pp. 95-98, Business Source Complete, EBSCOhost, viewed 12 September 2014.




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Sample Paper on Web Technologies

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Sample Paper on Web Technologies

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