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A Step By Step Guide on How to Write a Nursing Concept Analysis Assignment

A concept typically represents a building block or symbol of a broader spectrum. In research, it offers the basis on what one wants to pursue. A concept analysis, on the other hand, is the dissection of a concept into small elements to promote understanding and clarity.

Nursing Concept Analysis Writing Assignment Help

A concept typically represents a building block or symbol of a broader spectrum. In research, it offers the basis on what one wants to pursue. A concept analysis, on the other hand, is the dissection of a concept into small elements to promote understanding and clarity.

Choose Your Concept of Interest

As a researcher, you should start your nursing concept analysis by identifying and naming the concept of interest. An initial literature review can give you insights on the idea. The procedure helps you understand the known, the unknown and the different issues.

Identify the Surrogate Terms and Appropriate Applications of the Concept

Dissecting the meaning of the concept can help you identify the surrogate terms. Consider conducting an initial literature review to gain clarity on the alternative terminologies. For instance, if your idea is empathy, the surrogate terms may include therapeutic relationship, helping and acknowledgment of feelings.

Choose a Suitable Data Collection Realm

An in-depth literature review on the concept can help you select the suitable data collection realm. Online repositories such as MEDLINE, Cochrane Library, Cumulative Index of Nursing and Allied Health Literature and PubMed are useful for conducting an initial and in-depth literature review. You should appraise each source carefully to develop and explore the concept.

Identify the Consequences, Antecedents, References, and Attributes of the Concept

After solving the inconsistencies in the literature review, it is important to identify other terms associated with the concept. They include references, attributes, antecedents and consequences. They help dissect the idea and understand the associated terminologies.

Identifying these attributes helps in the concept operationalization, which is crucial in selecting a suitable measurement tool. For instance, the primary qualities related to the concept of empathy include understanding, communication, and relationship. In this example, the antecedents include awareness and intention to help. The consequences, on the other hand, include the perception of caring and patient satisfaction.

Identify the Concepts Surrounding the Concept of Interest

You should determine if any related concepts require clarification in the literature. Do this after identifying the consequences, antecedents, and attributes that align with the idea. A thorough appraisal of your source materials can show you the relevant research on the idea. The assessment helps you eliminate confusions related to the concept.

Identify the Model Case

The selection of a model case offers a researcher a clear example of gaining a more concrete notion of the concept. You can count on it to guide the direction of research. For instance, using empathy as the concept, you can create a scenario where a nurse is communicating to a patient that is about to go or surgery. In the model case, the nurse may be empathetic when explaining to the patient why he or she should undergo the surgical procedure.


Concept analysis helps provide clarity for an undefined concept. The process aids a researcher in identifying of all aspects related to the idea. The researcher should split the idea into attributes, consequences, and antecedents to bring an abstract idea to life. The analysis enables a researcher to operationalize the concept, choose a design, and choose a suitable measurement instrument.

Nursing Concept Analysis Writing Assignment Help


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