Islam and Christianity


Christianity and Islam are the main religions in the world today with thousands of people following either Christianity or Islam. Islam religion believes in existence of one God while in Christianity, the Godhead exist in three forms; God the father, the son and the Holy Spirit. The following discussion concentrates on similarities and difference between the two religions with aspect of prayer.


Christians believe in the Lord’s Prayer while Muslims have the Sura AL-Feteha in the Quran. Both of the prayers are similar in meaning with only difference in language used. Prayer forms an integral part in both religion and it’s the main form of communication between man and God. In both religions, prayer may be conducted anytime but special times also exist to ensure man develops and adapts the habit to pray always. Both religions uses prayers aids like “tasbeeh” in Islam and “rosary” in Christianity with both resemble a string of beads (Christine 2).


Muslim prayers differ fundamentally from Christian prayers virtually in everything, in style, form, content and intention. Prayer in Islam is of great significance and its importance can hardly be overemphasized in any form. Unlike Christianity, mention of prayer in Islam symbolizes a mandatory ritual that should be conducted five times in a day by every Muslim adult facing Mecca. However in Christianity prayer is voluntarily with no obligation while it does not form any mandatory ritual and there is no specific direction one should face while praying. If a Christian misses prayer in a day, a week or even a month, they are not obligated in compensation unlike in Islam where if one omits a single prayer, he should pray at a later point of time. Before prayers in Islam, one should purify himself with either water or sand but such rituals are not present in Christian prayers (Christine 2).


Although there are some differences in style, content and form, prayer in both religions is a fundamental component in ones spiritual life. It is used to edify believers’ spiritual beings. However sharp differences do occur as demonstrated above from style, purpose and content.

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