Promoting Employee Wellness at Genentech

            Genentech was founded in 1976 by Dr. Herbert W. Boyer, a biochemist, and Robert A. Swanson, a venture capitalist. The company has a mission of discovering, developing, manufacturing and commercializing life-enhancing and life- saving medicines for patients with unmet medical needs.

Genentech Employees’ Experience is Eustress

             I strongly believe that Genentech’s employees would be viewed as experiencing eustress because of the capacity to have an effect on the higher population due to the fact that it has designed employee centered programs and services specifically to support them in creating the kind of work environment and lifestyle that help them bring the best to the business and families. A personal work life balance is apparent in Genentech because the company is providing wellness programs such as Club Genentech, Weight Watchers, and the flu vaccination program that helps in supporting employees to stay healthy.

Yerkes-Dodson law and Genentech’s Wellness Programs

             Developed by psychologist Robert Yerkes and Johnson Dodson, the Yerkes law states that optimal stress or arousal state decreases with the increasing task difficulty.  The law is simple because low stress will result to low performance, medium stress will lead to a very high performance and high stress leads to very low performance (Athanasiou and Darzi p.143). At Genentech’s wellness programs such as Club Genentech and Weight Watchers are providing some physical activity that enable people take back control by focusing on the present and acting greater than ones past environment.

Genentech’s Wellness Programs Accomplishment

            The programs help to support the employees in staying healthy. Having such opportunities onsite encourages participation and demonstrates that Genentech’s senior management understands the importance of a healthy. With these programs in place there will be reduction in non-occupational activities with commitment character leading to high social recognition.

Personal Benefit from Wellness Programs like those provided by Genentech

            On a personal level the wellness programs would enable me have some customized tools, information as well a modified meal and fitness plan that can help reduce daily stress because it provides a wide-ranging stress management guide.   


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