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How to Write a Grant Proposal

A grant proposal is a call to action by a non-profit organization, requesting a funder to partner with the organization to help achieve a particular goal. However, the grant proposal should not only aim at getting money from the funder. It should be more about answering the funder’s questions and how contributing to the organization will be a long term productive investment. Grant proposals are written to influential people in the society such as politicians, local officials or even colleague organizations.

The following are steps to follow when writing a Grant Proposal.

The following are the steps no How to Write a Grant Proposal

STEP 1: Reading the Grant Application Carefully

Reading carefully through the application is important so that your proposal heeds to the organizations requirements. Therefore before you begin writing, you need to brain storm in order to evaluate the strongest points of your organization.

STEP 2: Creating an Outline

An Outline will enable you to organize your points in a sequential manner as required by the organization. Expound on each point that is in your outline to make sure that the proposal answers all questions that the funder would have. The outline should also help you determine if the proposal is actually in line with what the grantor actually funds.

STEP 3: Writing the Introduction

Your grant proposal introduction should include exactly what the organization asks of the grantor. Introduce the potential grantor to your organizations history by discussing even its locality. You could also highlight how the grantors funding will be helpful to the organization. For credibility purposes, you could mention other organizations’ affiliations with the particular organization.

Below is an Introduction for a Grant Proposal

Dear 714 Railroad Avenue owners, I would wish to apply for a $100000 enhancement Grant to help in the renovation of this historic establishment. The business is located in a town with a population of approximately 32000 people, in the transitional downtown area of the Homestead. This town was established in the year 1856 and is centered within the farming industry alongside railroad industry.Homestead’s downtown area has seen a major turnaround in recent years, including the opening of several restaurants and boutiques, and the renovation of the railroad depot, which is now occupied by the Chamber of Commerce. This town is located near Collegeville which is also known as the home of Nebraska State University that has an enrollment of more than 12000 students yearly.

STEP 4: Writing the Body Paragraphs

The body paragraphs should aim at elaborating more on why the organization needs funding. Ensure you give a detailed explanation of your previous projects and those that your organization plans on carrying out.

The following is how Body Paragraphs in a Grant Proposal are structured.

Body Paragraph 1

This is where you are expected to lay out your specific goals. Explain what the funds will be used for. For your proposal to have a positive outcome, ensure you have a clear description of your goals for the purpose of credibility.

Below is Body 1 Paragraph of a Grant Proposal

The subject property at 714 Railroad Avenue was originally built in 1901, then was used as a salon for as short time until prohibition. Most recently, it was used as a storage space for a local manufacturer and has since then been abandoned. The property includes a large and open main floor and has a smaller upstairs space. Despite how intact the building seems with even most of its original design, a lot of renovation for the same is needed. We purchased the property with the sole intention of restoring the property’s original glory. Our plans for the interior renovations includes gutting the space alongside refurbishing the brick and tin ceiling, adding a built in seating, constructing a mahogany bar and creating a raised stage in the back where musicians or musical acts can be performed. In the upstairs space, we hope to create an elegant space that can be used for private parties, meetings, and other events.

Body Paragraph 2

This is a further elaboration of the first paragraph only that it should be more detailed, still with an aim of maintaining the grantors interest.

Below is Body Paragraph 2 of a Grant Proposal

We are planning for a facade enhancement which we, as grant recipients could greatly benefit. While keeping in line with the requirements, the façade should be renovated according t the architectural specifications of the year the building was constructed. The already existing brick will be slightly refurbished into a replica of the original owning. Flickering gaslight-style fixtures will be used in the front entrance lighting. Moreover, a small balcony will be built outside the upstairs windows so as to mimic the original form that was torn down in the 1940s.The community’s response to our plans has been outstanding and quite positive. Many downtown businesses have also loved the whole idea of having a convenient place for holding its meetings and other events. The proximity to a college town will also assist us in securing musical acts that might be otherwise hard to come by for a small town.

STEP 5: Adding Support Documentation

Support documentation could be in form of a detailed budget summary to define the project budget. This is for authenticity and accountability purposes.

Below is a budget summary for a Grant Proposal

Our proposed budget is as follows:



Grant assistance

Interior demolition



Interior brick/tin refurbishing



Interior bar construction



Interior seating/stage



Upstairs renovation



Exterior brick refurbishing



Exterior awning



Exterior lighting












Our timeline for renovations is as follows:

Interior downstairs

April 2013

Interior upstairs

June 2013


August 2013

STEP 6: Writing the Conclusion

At this point, show the grantor that you have faith for a positive response from them. Assure the grantor that there will be no regret for partnering with your organization.

Below is a Conclusion for a Grant Proposal

We are confident and hope for the success of this establishment. Once the downstairs is complete, we plan to open a café as the upstairs and façade is completed. If possible, we hope to have all the repairs completed before school starts and the football season begins. Currently, we are already booking events for the 2013 fall. Future renovations would include an outdoor sitting arena and even the remodeling of the restrooms for both floors. We hope that the committee will also see the potential that we envision for this business and the value it could bring to what promises to be a thriving downtown area in the future coming years.

Below is how body paragraphs are structured in a research paper.

STEP 7: Proofreading

It is at this point that you go through the already written proposal. Ensure that the ideas you had laid down when writing the outline have all been addressed. Try and evaluate if the grantor would be in support of what you have written.

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