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How to Prepare an Outstanding Power Point

Power point is a software program that is designed to create electronic presentations of slides or pages. Most organizations and institutions use Power Point in their meetings to convey different messages. Power point presentations vary depending on creativity of the person preparing the slides.

Below is how to prepare an outstanding power point presentation.

The following are the steps on How to Prepare an Outstanding Power Point

STEP 1: Deciding on what you Audience wants to learn

This is an important step because it is at this stage that you determine the main point that you want the recipient to carry home. This point should be identifiable and all other information you give in your presentation should support it. If it is an academic presentation, it should be equivalent of your thesis statement. If it is a business project, the main point will be the product or service that you are advocating for. Ensure you prepare for the content to use in your presentation.

STEP 2: Boiling down your Information

Some topics may be quite broad and thus you may have too much information to write about. However, you should try keeping only the information you cannot do without. Cut down large topics into small important bits. People nowadays consider graphs quite boring therefore in cases where there are graphs you could otherwise make a statistic so that your power point presentation stands out from others.

STEP 3: Planning out your Structure

Having boiled down your information to the important bits, you can now plan the structure of your power point presentation. You should not only outline your speech but also your slides. Supposing you are creating an academic presentation, just like an academic paper, it should follow the same structure by first introducing your main point, supporting the point with evidence and then finishing up with a short and concise conclusion. If it is a business power point presentation, the standard presentation structure begins with stating the problem, then you give your solution. You then move on to giving a business model and stating the technology or magic behind it. You then move on to identifying the marketing and sales options that you could employ and point out what the competitors use. Identify the team that you plan on incorporating and then produce a call to action.

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STEP 4: Streamlining your Text

Power point slides should help raise the quality of your presentation and to achieve this, you should ensure that your slides do not just restate what you are saying since you should not be reading from your slides during your presentation. Reading from the slides distracts your audience from what you are actually telling them. This in mind, try to keep your text to the minimum and present it in a manner that is easy to read and simplified. You could consider using a bulleted list.

STEP 5: Using Informative Graphics

For a really engaging Power point presentation, incorporate graphics to the maximum. Graphics provide your audience with a new outlook and thus view of what you are trying to tell them. They are the actual representation of using a picture to describe a thousand words. For extremely technical and difficult subjects, you could now use charts and graphs. The graphics you choose should however not provide a distraction to your audience.

STEP 6: Explaining the Technology behind the Model Presented

This should enable the audience to understand exactly what the models you’ve presented are about. It is a textual summary of the graphs and charts you have presented.

STEP 7: Producing a Call to Action

This is the last step in creating an outstanding business power point presentation. You give a call to action on the next step that the audience should take regarding the presentation you have made.

STEP 8: Cutting unnecessary Sounds and Visuals

Unnecessary sounds and visuals include transition animations, clip art, sound effects and cluttered templates or even background images. Such make a Power Point presentation boring and distractive and they also add nothing to the presentation. They contribute to the audience’s ability to absorb the information given during the presentation. These sounds and visuals should therefore be removed from the presentation.

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