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Business Studies Essay Assignment on Alokozay Group of Companies

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Business Studies Essay Assignment on Alokozay Group of Companies

Business Administration


CST 119 – Business Research Methods





Assessment Guidelines                                                                                                           2

Context                                                                                                                                   2

Confidentiality                                                                                                                        2

Assessment Criteria and Mark Sheets                                                                                      2

Word Count                                                                                                                            2

Release of Grades                                                                                                                   3

Submission of Digital Answer Scripts / Online Assignments                                                   3

Extension Request                                                                                                                  3

Referencing and Professionalism                                                                                            3

Plagiarism and Collusion                                                                                                         3

     Assignment for CST 119 – Business Research Methods                                                   4- 6

Assessment Guidelines

Learners must complete the tasks given in the assignment brief. You can request assistance from academic affairs team, about understanding structure of the question paper, mark schemes, how to reference – Harvard Style and grade descriptors. You are expected to adhere to policies and guidelines set out by the center which includes word/page/slide count and plagiarism/collusion.


You are required to refer to the guidance notes and assignment brief to present an answer that would fall within the required context.


Learners must seek permission and advice when using organizational / business information that would be considered sensitive or confidential within their assignments. If the organization’s consent is given, and anonymity is a given requirement of the organization, then the learner must respect this.

Assessment Criteria and Mark Sheets

The assignment brief will include the mark scheme along with grade descriptors for you to refer to if needed. The guidance notes before the assignment questions should be used for reference to ensure that you are equipped with the information and formats required. You are requested to obtain necessary advice on assignment context, format and other supporting information to clarify and help understand the requirements.

The assessment criteria and the mark sheets will help you identify how and where the marks have been allocated and allow them to structure their answers accordingly. Please note that you must achieve a minimum of 70% (equal to 4.2 bandwidth out of 6.0) of the total marks to pass this unit.

Word Count

It is mandatory that you adhere to the specified word count given in the assignment brief within a margin of -/+10%. For certain tasks, the assignment brief may specify the page count depending on the task requirement and, although a word count may not always be applicable for these, the page count must be adhered to always. All tables, charts, diagrams, referencing (in-text) will be considered a part of the assignment word count. Generally, a 15 points answer should have a word count between 400 – 450 words.


If the task requires you to make a presentation, the word count will only be applicable to the notes provided. The assignment questions may also specify the number of slides, in which case you are also required to adhere to this.

Any supporting documents used to reinforce your answer, need to be attached at the end of the report as appendices. Such supplementary material will equip the examiner with the required background knowledge on the information provided within the report. However, these will not be considered for grading nor as part of the word/page count.

All assignments submitted with clear disregard for the stipulated page/word counts may be discounted, and you may have to resubmit your work for assessment pending revision/review of your work.

Release of Grades


GBS endeavors to release your grade points (marks) at the earliest opportunity. Please allow us a minimum of 21 working days from the final date of submission to have your answer papers evaluated by our professional team of evaluators.  Students seeking extension, will have their answer scripts evaluated within the period of 30 working days from their final date of submission.


Submission of Answer Script / Assignment


All your activities, examination and assignments attempted online, should only be submitted to .Your answer scripts may not be evaluated if submitted to any other email ID except the one mentioned above. You are requested to maintain a copy of all your assessments for future requirements / reference.

Extension Request:

Under no circumstances extension will be granted. Extension may only be granted to the student providing valid evidence, supporting their request.  To request an extension, please email the controller of examination at , strictly 5 days prior to the final submission date with a valid proof.

Referencing and Professionalism

To ensure that you follow a professional stance always, you must:

  • Use the Harvard system of referencing for all citations and references (including in-text). More help on ‘How to reference – Harvard Style’ is available in your study material. If you need more help, please feel free to contact our student support department at and we will be more than happy to assist you on ‘How to Reference – Harvard Style’
  • Use professional, formal English in presenting your work
  • Refrain from writing in a first-person perspective (i.e. ‘I’, ‘We’, ‘Me’, etc. should not be used within the answer).


You should bear in mind that marks are awarded for professional format and presentation, and that considerable marks can be awarded for validity and quality of referencing. Therefore, referencing and professionalism will be assessed in every task.

Plagiarism and Collusion

Plagiarism and collusion will be considered an academic offence and will be dealt with as a serious issue.

Plagiarism can be defined as: the presentation of the work of another author without appropriate referencing and/or attribution (leading to the false assumption that the learner is the originator of the text).

Collusion can be defined as a circumstance in which: two or more learner’s present work with distinct similarities in concept and ideas.

You may use ‘free plagiarism tool’ (available on internet) to assess ‘similarity index’ between your work and work that has been published elsewhere.

Excessive referencing (i.e. where unneeded/irrelevant) will also be considered an academic offence, which will lead to you being penalized in marks awarded for structure and format of your work or, in serious cases, leading to the work of you being discounted as unfit for assessment. Such matters will be decided by the controller of examination along with Program Director.

All your assessments (online activities, assignments, exam, projects, etc.) are subject to plagiarism check which is generally done by the controller of examination.

Special Note 1: Answer scripts found plagiarized or copied, will be graded ‘0’ and student will have to repeat the examination by paying a penalty of AED 1000/-.                                 

Individual Assignment 100%



You are required to design a complete Research Report Proposal/ Synopsis for the following Business. (70 Marks)

The following sections are to be included

  1. Determine Business Research type
  2. Definition of Research Problem and Objectives
  3. Literature Review- Include 5 Reviews
  4. Defining the Hypothesis
  5. Define Methodology
  6. Questionnaire Designing
  7. Analysis and Presentation and Finding
  8. Referencing

S. No.

Description of Task



Determine Business Research type and explain why



Definition of Research Problem and Objectives



Literature Review- Include any 5 Reviews



Defining the Hypothesis



Define Methodology



Questionnaire Designing



Analysis and Presentation and Finding






About Alokozay

The Alokozay Group of Companies (AGC) is a leading ISO certified multinational FMCG company, AGC is producing a diversified range of FMCG products including tea, carbonated beverages, evaporated milk, biscuits, cooking oil, tissue paper, detergents, baby care products and a wide range of other personal care products.

ACG has a strong and meaningful mission. We strive to become one of the world’s leading brands through:

  • Providing a quality product at an affordable price.
  • Providing real consumer choice and variety.
  • Assisting our customers to make healthy choices.

Assumingly, Alokozay intends to examine from customers’ point of view that to what level they consider the product ‘Alokozay Organic Tea’ healthy in case they incorporate this product in their lifestyle. You are required to design a synopsis on behalf of Alokozay containing the points noted above.

Please refer to all the available sources of information to design a quality synopsis ensuring that they are included in Bibliography at the end.


Alokozay Organic Tea

Alokozay Black Organic Tea is a blend of natural leaves, without any chemical process. Revered for its natural ability to increase memory and even bring luck to those who drink it, Alokozay Organic Tea blend is as refreshing as it is inspiring.



Task 2. (30 Marks)


Design a Questionnaire for a small group of Graduates (who have completed a 3 to 4-year program of any graduation) to know about how significant do they feel that opting for a Post Graduate Degree will lead them to have potentially better quality of life.


Include as many questions as you want of different scales/ Types discussed in the course.

Make sure that Questionnaire answers to the agenda pointed out in the question.




Special Note 2: The individual assignment is 100% of your overall marks and is to be undertaken individually and is due on the 14th November 2018. Any submissions received after due date will be subject to late submission penalty of AED 1000.

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