Starbucks-led Coalition to Hire 100 000 Youth by End of 2018

Starbucks-led Coalition to Hire 100 000 Youth by End of 2018

A coalition comprising executives from some of America’s largest companies, led by Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, has committed itself to hiring 100, 000 young people who have been locked out of the job market.

The project dubbed, The 100, 000 Opportunities Initiative will launch on Monday and is aimed at offering a hand to about 5.5 million Americans aged between 16 to 24 years old. The initiative will seek to ensure that a majority of the young people within this age bracket, who are jobless or in school are able to get employment.

While making the commitment, Starbucks CEO Schultz promised to hire 10, 000 such youth in the project that will run through to the end of 2018. He is joined in this campaign with top executives from 16 organizations who will also look into hiring young people for apprenticeships, part-time jobs, internships and full time employment.

Other major companies that have also joined hands with Starbucks in this initiative include Alaska Airlines, Hilton Worldwide, Cintas, CVS Health, JPMorgan Chase, Taco Bell, Microsoft, Walmart,, HMSHost, JCPenney, Walgreens, Lyft and Target.

In a statement, Mr. Schultz said, ‘’what we’ve learned over these last many years is that rules of philanthropy, the rules of engagement have undergone radical changes. You really have to form a team of like-minded organizations and people with a similar kind of experience and expertise, and local knowledge to handle complex problems like this one.’’

Mr. Schultz, who has been vocal on the need for the shareholders of the coffee company to embrace social responsibility makes this move just after pledging to employ 10, 000 youth and the expansion of a company program this year aimed at paying tuition fees for employees for an online degree at the Arizona State University. Starbucks CEO has also been recently involved in the push for the company’s baristas to engage clients in a dialogue concerning racial relations.

The Great Recession made the lives of the young and poor, especially people of color even more challenging. It created stiff competition among teenagers and young adults against college graduates and adults who were forced to settle for positions that are inferior to their expertise.

According to a study published in June by the policy group, Social Science Research Council, an estimated 22% of blacks, 20% of Native Americans, 16% of Latinos, 11% of whites and 8% of the Asian population fall under the category of youth targeted by this initiative. This group of young people is referred to as ‘’disconnected youth’’ by economists.

The first job fair among the numerous ones that will be conducted by the coalition across America is scheduled for August 13 in Chicago. Chicago-based rapper and actor, Common has been appointed by Mr. Schultz to lead a discussion with about 2000 youth expected to attend the first phase of the job fairs. The companies are looking towards hiring 1000 young people- including 200 on-the-spot job hires for those who will attend the fair in Chicago.



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