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Sample Essay on St. Patrick’s Day

Sample Essay on St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is a cultural and religious festival that is celebrated in honor of Saint Patrick of Ireland. The day is celebrated every year on 17th March in commemoration of the day that the saint passed away. The celebration of this day is conducted by the Irish and others who hold the same opinions and beliefs as them across the world. The day that began as a religious feast has today evolved to become an international affair that celebrates Irish culture and marked with parades, special foods and dancing. The color Green is used to mark this day globally.

Apart from just the green color, the day is also marked with shamrocks, gold and luck. The day is intended for spiritual renewal and offering of prayers to missionaries across the world. Even though the celebrations are carried out in various parts of the world, the biggest observance of St. Patrick’s Day is in Ireland. On this day, a majority of businesses are brought to a halt with only the exceptions of restaurants and pubs.

Since St. Patrick’s Day is observed as a religious holiday, most of the faithful attend mass where prayers are offered to missionaries across the world followed by serious celebrations. On this day, restrictions on eating and drinking of alcohol are lifted and the adherents get to enjoy the day with great dancing and fun. In fact, the day is declared a public holiday in the Republic of Ireland. The Irish population in the Diaspora also gets to celebrate in the various parts of the world that the day finds them in like Britain, United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Argentina.

On St. Patrick’s Day, the faithful are required to wear green shamrocks that are symbolic of adherence to the teachings of Saint Patrick, the Apostle of Ireland. The green color that is associated with this religious day is symbolic of the teachings of the apostle. It is said that the apostle, Saint Patrick used a three-leafed plant in his teachings when giving an explanation of the Holy Trinity to his subjects. The story of the teachings of the apostle is contained in a piece of writing that first appeared in 1726.

In the 19th and 10th Centuries, Saint Patrick’s Day was already being celebrated in Europe by the Irish that occupied the region. Over the years, the day has been preserved as an important and holy one that is included even in the Roman Catholic calendar. Besides, it is also considered as a day of feasting and prayers in the Church of Ireland.

In various parts of the world, St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated in both big and small cities. The celebrations are marked with the faithful marching the streets in music, songs and dances that end with feasts where a variety of Irish delicacies and drinks are served. Besides, kids also get to enjoy several activities on this day like games, coloring and crafts. In some communities, the celebrations are even taken a notch higher with the dyeing of streams and rivers green.

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