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Personal Statement

The foundation of my plan and wish to enroll at Jon Jay College for a course in Master of Public Administration is the personal confidence I have in the institution and the suitability of the course for my objectives and background. The MPA model of the Institution, in terms of focus and orientation is proportionate to both my future and academic background professional aims. I am a student aged 43 years at Rider University and I expect to graduate in May 2014 with a qualification in Liberal Arts (Concentration on Law and Justice and a Minor in Psychology). I expect to get an outstanding Honors qualification as my current GPA is 3.67. I am resolute to work with the government in an administrative and policy making position, in which I have aspirations to make valuable contribution in the modification and design of policies that are aimed at efficiency, elimination and investigation of corruption. The role requires a strong and broad range of competence in regard to administration of public resources, policy development as well as decision making processes and assessments. The MPS program at Jon Jay College is in line with the orientation, description and the scope of practical experience and skills I desire to acquire in my education. The instructive model at Jon Jay College and the MPA program addresses and corresponds with all my interests of adopting an innovative and active approach towards decision and policy-making to make it possible for students to become competent in the complex administrative environment seen today. I have also assessed the program and models orientation of other institutions as well as observed their wide scale of nature that is not suitable for my needs.

The MPA degree will present a blend of practical and specialized insights and skills that I will find valuable in building a prosperous career. It also promises to supplement my academic experience in psychology, justice and law fields to hone my insight capacities and innovation, yielding great competence in government policy making and administration position.

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