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Sample Essay On Emotions And Moods

Sample Essay On Emotions And Moods

Emotions and moods are two confusing words that we come across daily. We often say, ‘today I woke up in a bad/good mood’ or ‘that girl/boy is emotional’ , do we ever think of the difference between two words? Emotions and moods have different meanings, which we mostly see. Emotion is simply a strong feeling that is characterized with biological, psychological, and a mental state.
Emotion is influenced by hormones mainly and affects thought and behavior. On the other side, a mood is an emotional state which is not specific and less intense. A mood is an internal short lasting state that can be caused by posture and internal behavior.
Emotions can be categorized as negative or positive. Positive emotions are love, sympathy, generosity, joy, elation, triumph, jubilation, surprise and attraction. Negative emotions can be fear, anger, sorrow, frustration, cruelty, hate, alarm and aversion.
There are three major categories of motivational theories. These theories include physiological, neurological and cognitive theory. The physiological theory states that body responses cause emotions while the neurological theory states that the activities in the brain leads to emotional responses. Lastly, the cognitive theories put that thoughts and mental activities cause emotions.
Other theories that explain emotions are physiological theories.

They include the James-Lange theory of emotion and the cannon-bard theory. The James- Lange theory was stated by William James and Carl Lange. According to this theory, emotions occur according to physiological reactions to events. The cannon-bard theory argues that physiological reactions occur when the thalamus sends a message to the brain in response to a stimulus.
Controlling emotions and moods can be hard but an easy task when you see a counselor. Some of the ways of controlling emotions are; understanding yourself, changing your mood by doing something different, observe how others deal with their emotions effectively and changing your physiology.
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