Russia called the greatest threat to the US national security by the Joint Chiefs of Staff nominee

Russia called the greatest threat to the US national security by the Joint Chiefs of Staff nominee

Russia posses the major threat to the U.S globally at the moment according to the Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman nominee. Speaking during the confirmation hearing that will see him become the Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman, the Marine General, Joseph Dunford said that the recent actions by Russia were nothing but alarming- (follow the link for more information).

The man is slated to become the major military advisor of President Barack Obama. According to him, Russia poses the major threat to the national security of the United States despite the current conflicts with the terrorist groups in the Middle East- (follow the link for more information).

The comments of General Dunford are in line with the sentiments of the current Joint Chiefs chairman, General Martin Dempsey as well as the National Military Strategy released recently. Dunford told the Armed Services Committee of the Senate that his assessment was based on the nuclear power that Russia has and its capability to go against the sovereignty of the U.S allies as well as doing things that are against her national interest- (follow the link for more information).

With its nuclear arsenal, threatening NATO nations in its boarders and the role it played in the destabilization of Ukraine, Russia presents the major challenge to the United States even with the current threats such as those posed by ISIS. Dunford told the chairman of the committee, John McCain that the United States should make a reasonable move and give the Ukrainian government artillery and anti-tank assistance as a response to the current situation within eastern Ukraine.

General Dunford said that without that support, they will not protect themselves from Russian aggression. Other top officials in the U.S such as Ashton Carter, the Defense Secretary have expressed their support for giving Ukraine such weapons. However, the administration of Obama has declined to make that move up to now.

When asked to comment on other major challenges, Dunford noted that China comes behind Russia due to her behavior across the Asia-Pacific and her capabilities. China has always been assertive in East China Seas and South China where it is establishing artificial islands that it intends to use for military purposes. China is also asserting its rights in territories that its neighbors have disputed over. Most of these neighbors are the American allies. Although General Dunford said that China is not currently threatening the national security of the U.S directly, its activities are worth watching.

Others that he included in the list are North Korea and the Middle East. North Korea has significant capabilities due to its ballistic missile. He said that Iran is the major destabilizing element in the Middle East with a malign influence. The ISIS was also included in the list since it is growing as an international threat. He also noted the support of the Houthi rebels by Tehran in Hezhollah within Lebanon and Yemen as well as its involvement within Iraq and Syria.

Dunford’s comments came when the relations between Russia and US have deteriorated significantly since the annexation of the Crimea region of Ukraine by Russia last year. There is also a pro-Russian insurgency within Eastern Ukraine that is prompting US Sanctions- (follow the link for more information).




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