Nintendo President Satoru Iwata passes away at 55

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata passes away at 55

Satoru Iwata, the president of Nintendo, a video maker company in Japan has died. Satoru was the chief executive of the company until his death. According to the company’s statement, his death was caused by cancer which caused a growth in his bile duct- (follow the link for more information).

Satoru became the president of Nintendo in 2002 as the successor of Hiroshi Yamauchi. He was the fourth president of Nintendo and the first president of the firm outside Yamauchi family. Satoru was 55 and his death comes at a time when the company is expecting its yearly operating profit to double by March next year due to the long-awaited move of venturing into the manufacture of Smartphone games as its sales of the traditional consoles weakens- (follow the link for more information).

Last year, Satoru underwent a surgery after which he resumed his CEO’s duties after a short recovery period. Although he lost weight after the surgery, Mr. Iwata said that he was healthier and fully recovered when he resumed his duties in October. In the Japanese games scene, Satoru is highly revered and considered a leading figure in the successful turnaround of Nintendo since he joined this firm in 2000.

Recently, he led the company in its venture into the fast growing gaming sector of mobile devices. He started working in the company as a programmer in a subsidiary of Nintendo in the 80s before becoming the president in 2002. Before becoming the president, Iwata worked as a director since 2000. He had also served as a U.S unit’s CEO since 2013.

Under the leadership of Satoru, Nintendo launched the hugely successful Nintendo and Wii DS consoles. He is also seen as a key driver of the focus of the company on the easy to use consoles. This development enabled Nintendo to tap the wider audience past the traditional gaming.

While rocketing up the corporate ladder, Satoru said clearly that at first, he was a gamer. He said that he was a corporate president in his business card. However, in his mind he was a developer of video games. In his heart, he was a gamer. Satoru said this during a game developers’ conference in 2005.

During his time as the president, Nintendo managed to cut ranks with other major makers of consoles with the aim of stretching “gamers” definition. The company came up with games that have appealed to casual fans more than the ones that existed before.

DS was a plastic, clunk device with two screens. One was a touch screen. This was competing with the sleek portable playstation by Sony. It compared to iPod from Apple favorably. However, the games of DS were more appealing to the casual gamers and they included Nintendogs and Brain Training. These made the device a huge success.

The launch of Wii under the leadership of Satoru was doubted by critics. This is because it was relatively cheap and it was not HD. Its controller was weedy and its name funny. However, the platform exceeded the expectations of many to become a major piece for Nintendo.

Immediately after his death, people made his tributes via the social media, even his critics and rivals in the industry- (follow the link for more information).



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