Manchester United to sell Victor Valdes for snubbing the clubs reserves

Manchester United to sell Victor Valdes for snubbing the clubs reserves

Although there has been talks about Victor Valdes leaving Manchester United to join Real Madrid, many people would not have anticipated that the goalkeeper would make such a move. However, it is now apparent that Louis Van Gaal will be selling Victor Valdes for being what he calls “a big disappoint.”  According to Louis, the Manchester United boss, Valdes refused the request of his club’s manager to play reserves for the club last season- (follow the link for more information).

Early this week, Van Gaal revealed the reason why he left out the Spaniard during the pre-season tour of the club to America. Van Gaal said that he was not among the selected players because he failed to follow his philosophy. He added that there is no place for a single player. This philosophy refers to the way football is played and how match rhythm is maintained. He gave an example of the way Valdes refused to play in the second team last year.

The Dutchman said that this is just a single philosophical aspect but there are others regarding how a goalkeeper should play for the club. He said that when a player is not ready to follow the philosophy’s principles, getting out is the only solution.

When asked whether the 33 year old would be sold regardless of the 18 months that are remaining for the contract that he signed this January, Van Gaal confirmed that he will be sold. The manager said that the player has an attitude that he was allowed a chance to change after a knee injury that he suffered last year during the club’s match with Barcelona- (follow the link for more information).

Due to the hamstring injury that David de Gea suffered towards the end of the last season, Van Gaal included Valdes in the beginning of the final Hull City’s game. When asked why he did this considering that Valdes had played previously during the three reserve games and showed bad attitude, Van Gaal replied that he want to assist him in showing his qualities in another club.

Although Van Gaal declined discussions regarding his reason for allowing Robin van Persie to leave Manchester United for Fenerbahce, he said that he talked to the Holland striker in May during the golf day of the club.

Valdes made two major appearances after De Gea suffered an injury during the Manchester United and Arsenal 1-1 draw match. Previously, he was trying to improve his fitness by featuring in the second string for the United before he made his debut this May- (follow the link for more information).

When asked whether Romero, the shot stopper from Argentina would replace Valdes, Van Gaal said that it will depend on De Gea. He further added that De Gea has a fantastic attitude- (follow the link for more information).

There are reports that Gines Carvajal, Valdes’ agent has offered him to Los Blancos. This is because the agent relates closely with Florentino Perez, the Los Blancos’ president. It will be a surprise to see Victor Valdes leave United for his former enemies’ home.




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