Jason Pierre-Pauls Status in Doubt after Giants Fail to Strike Deal

Jason Pierre-Pauls Status in Doubt after Giants Fail to Strike Deal

Barely a week after Giants defender Jason Pierre-Paul got a hand injury in a fireworks accident, which resulted into the amputation of his right index finger, the team is yet to sign Pierre-Paul to a long term contract. The deadline for the signing expired on Wednesday casting doubt on whether Giants are willing to sign a binding contract with him.

Teams that had used the one-year franchise designation for players like the Giants did with Pierre-Paul in March had until Wednesday to strike new multiyear contracts with players. For several months, Giants has been hoping that it could negotiate such a longer contract with Pierre-Paul.

The talks took a drastic twist after Pierre-Paul’s injury over the Fourth of July weekend, and his refusal to visit the team’s medical personnel at Florida hospital.

There is likelihood that Pierre-Paul will stick with the Giants this season, although it is not clear when he will be in the best condition to play. As the franchise player of the Giants, Pierre-Paul had been identified to receive $14.8 million in 2015. However, it is unclear what will happen next since he failed to sign the franchise contract offer from the Giants before the injury.

In case Pierre-Paul signs the franchise contract according to his tender, the Giants could put him on the non-football injury list since his injuries were experienced outside football. This might imply the team does not have to pay him for the games missed.

Considering that Pierre-Paul was technically not under contract with the Giants, the team cannot place him on the non-football injury list at the moment.

Under the league’s collective bargaining agreement, Pierre-Paul and the team could negotiate a lower franchise-player contract figure for this year, with the understanding that the team would pay the whole salary irrespective of the number of games that he plays.



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