Iran nuclear negotiations in the final phase

Iran nuclear negotiations in the final phase

According to the Western diplomats, global powers are almost reaching a historic deal over Iran’s nuclear programs although Iran officials are cautioning against the notion that the result could be a foregone conclusion- (follow the link for more information).

John Kerry, the U.S Secretary of State, expressed his optimism on Sunday regarding the Iran agreement that might be announced officially today. Kerry said that there were a few unresolved tough bits after a meeting with Mohammad Javad Zafir, the Foreign Minister of Iran. However, he was hopeful that a deal might be reached.

Other Western diplomats note that major hurdles in the negotiations had already been overcome. However, they also acknowledge that there are vital issues that must be resolved before a deal is reached and the capitals have to sign off. These are the loose ends that are making Iran officials less optimistic despite the Monday deadline.

Senior officials of Iran say that there are things that must be worked on before reaching a deal. However, they also said that if things go well, a deal could be announced on Monday. Other negotiators said that good progress was made during the weekend’s meeting and the “endgame” is about to be reached. However, officials from Iran say that whether they struck a deal or not depends on the appetite of the negotiators to get it done. They said that the outcomes of the negotiation depend on the political will of the negotiators.

The aim of the negotiators is to curb the nuclear program by Iran while ensuring that this is done for peaceful reasons only. However, this will be exchanged for relief that will come with the lift of the sanctions put on the crippling economy of Tehran- (follow the link for more information).

Several meetings were held on Saturday in Vienna including the two sessions that involved Iran and 6 allies. Separate sessions were also held on Saturday between Javad Zafir, the Iranian Foreign Minister, Chief of the foreign policy of the European Union, Federica Mogherini and John Kerry, the U.S Secretary of State.

Speaking to reporters on Sunday, John Kerry was positive saying that they had a good meeting. The negotiators had a Friday deadline but they extended it to Monday. The extension of the deadline was the third one with an aim of reaching a final phase of the talks. An interim agreement called the Joint Plan of Action was also extended to Monday.

Several foreign ministers of the European countries left Vienna last week but they have also returned. On arrival back to Vienna for the nuclear negotiations, Laurent Fabius, the French Foreign Minister said that he was optimistic that the end of the talks was almost near.

On Sunday, two diplomats attending the negotiations said that they are working on the details of the talks and that Iran and the P5+1- the UK, the US, France, Germany, Russia and China would have to review them.

The main point that Iran and P5+1 are sticking to is to have the non-nuclear sites of Iran inspected internationally, sanctions relief as well as the verification of Iran’s compliance. Iran wants to have the arms embargo of the UN Security Council scrapped but the US has already ruled out that possibility- (follow the link for more information).




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