Formula One Driver, Jules Bianchi is dead

Formula One Driver, Jules Bianchi is dead

Jules Bianchi, the Formula One driver from France is dead. Bianchi died after sustaining head injuries during a crash in October last year during the Japanese Grand Prix. According to his family, the 25 years old driver suffered serious brain injuries during the crash which led to his death- (follow the link for more information).

Since that accident that occurred in Suzuka, Bianchi has been in a coma. A statement issued by his family through Facebook said that he fought to the end just like he did. However, his battle has just ended. He died while undergoing treatment in a hospital near Nice, in southern France where his parents live- (follow the link for more information).

Before his death, Bianchi had started a rehabilitation therapy program. During the accident, Bianchi sustained diffuse axonal, an injury that leads to widespread nerve fibers’ tearing in the brain- (follow the link for more information).

His family thanked the fans, friends, colleagues and all people who showed their affection towards Bianchi especially during his last months on earth. The family said that these people gave the entire family strength while enabling it to cope during the difficult moments.

By reading and listening to many messages that Bianchi’s friends, colleagues and fans sent to the family they realized how Bianchi touched the minds and hearts of many people across the world.

The Japanese Grand Prix was supposed to be one of the many great times in the Formula One career of Jules Bianchi. The talented Frenchman was the shining light for the Marussia squad that had been struggling since he joined the club at the beginning of 2013. He had never made achievements like he did at Monaco a year later.

Though renowned for glamour and glitz, the principality’s demanding streets are a paradise for the underdog which provides the opportunity that the talented need to come up and make magic even with a car that is unwilling.

According to Graeme Lowdon, the Marussia boss, for Bianchi, Monaco was a home race and the buildup saw a great focus in him. Bianchi received adequate support from the team which enabled him to depict the kind of performance that he showed during the Japanese Grand Prix.

There were early signs of qualifying when Bianchi paced to squeak Marussia beyond the cut-off to enter the second qualifying phase, just to have the yellow flags ruin the run- (follow the link for more information).

According to Lowdon, it was a roller-coaster since the first lap is highly important. Overtaking there is incredibly difficult. Everybody was cheering Bianchi before the accident. He managed the six closing laps perfectly which made him take the ninth position after tallying the penalty. Marussia was rejoicing together with Bianchi.

A driver from Ferrari Academy said that this ought to have been one of the many results that Bianchi was set to receive. Unfortunately, the Japanese Grand Prix will be recalled as the day when Bianchi career ended way too soon.



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