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College Admission Essay Example

It has taken me almost eighteen years to understand my mother and how she has influenced my life. She is a caring parent who has always held thoughtful discussions with me regarding the kind of a college she would like me to attend. Before I even realize what a university is, my mother kept telling me stories of the University of Michigan and its great heritage.

Over the weekend, my mother would sit with me as we watch the Michigan Wolverines games reminiscing about this university. As I grew alongside my mother and my uncle who is also an alumnus of the University of Michigan, I realized the greater meaning of a university. My uncle once took me to this institution to see its stamping grounds.

At first, I was frightened by the size of this university. It was during this visit that I learned that a university brings thousands of people of different origins together. I also learnt that even non-academic events are held at the university.

Over the past few years, I have had a greater vision of my life. To me, the University of Michigan is an institution that has thousands of books with chapters that I should read. I see myself as a child who is craving for knowledge. I intend to learn all there is to learn in this university. This institution offers me a great chance to mingle with people of diverse origins. It also gives me an opportunity to develop my knowledge and skills in my career of choice.

With people from different backgrounds, both academic and non-academic events, I see this university as a place where I will realize my learning potential. I visualize myself as a successful individual after college. Now, I am looking forward to having great moments of learning; meeting new people and acquiring skills that I need to serve the society and build a reputable future after school.

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