Bill Cosby admits that he obtained sedatives that he gave women before having sex with them

Bill Cosby admits that he obtained sedatives that he gave women before having sex with them

Bill Cosby, a US comedian admitted under an oath of the court that he obtained sedatives to give young women that he wanted to engage with sexually. This was after 2005’s documents were released on Monday by the court. The documents stem from the lawsuit that many women filed after accusing Cosby for sexual assault publicly.  The Associated Press compelled the court to release the documents.

Cosby, who is now 77 years old, denies over 20 allegations of sexual assault or rape that date back to decades. He has not been criminally charged with any of the offences because the limitations’ statutes bar most of the claims against him. The limitations restrict the duration when the court can take legal actions after the accused commit the alleged crime.

The only case against Cosby that relates to rape or sexual assault that has been concluded is the case that the former head of the women’s basketball at the Temple University brought to the court. In this case, the claim by Andrea Constand was that Cosby drugged her and molested her in January 2005 in his home. However, all documents that related to the case were sealed after a private settlement was reached in regards to this case. The issue surrounding the case became a secret and since then, Andrea never spoke about it directly after the 2006’s settlement.

Now, following the release and opening of these documents after the Associated Press brought a case in the federal court, there is a window into the behavior of Cosby. This is the first instance when the actor has admitted that he purchased drugs for sexual context’s use.

These documents include the deposition transcripts of Cosby between 27 and 28 September of 2005. During the depositions, Cosby was asked many questions regarding the purchase of drugs. The questions led to exchanges between Andrea’s lawyer, Dolores Troiani and Cosby’s lawyer, Patrick O’Connor. According to the transcripts, Cosby admitted that he obtained seven sedative Quaalude prescriptions.

Attorney Troiani asked Cosby whether while obtaining the Quaaludes he was in his mind and aware that he wanted to give them to young women with the intention of having sex with them and the actor answered yes. Troiani then asked Cosby if he ever gave any of the young women sedatives without their consent or knowledge. Cosby’s lawyer could not let his client answer to that question and therefore he objected. However, Cosby clarified the remarks that he had made earlier noting that he misunderstood the question. He said that he had said that he gave other people Quaaludes.

In the documents, there is a recollection by Cosby of a 1970s’ Las Vegas incident. In this incident, Cosby would meet a woman backstage where he would give her sedatives after which they could have sex. Although the name of the woman was redacted, one can see that the encounter’s details closely resemble those of one of the accusers of Cosby, Therese Serignese.

Cosby’s lawyer did not make an immediate comment on Monday. However, although Cosby has described the accusations as “uncorroborated” and “fantastical,” they have led to the cancellation and calling off of some of his TV projects and stand-up shows.

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